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What should I do ? 7 Things to Know Before Visiting White Sands National Park, We’ve Made It To Albania Now What? There was a suggestion to download it on the phone. Airbnb users must be logged in to their account to view and send messages. Online there are numerous articles on Airbnb infringement and over collection of customers personal information. Booked the first week of November with my girlfriend. Finally spoke to case manager. For example, send photos of unsanitary/unhygienic conditions or a video of construction site noise. So, what are my options? Host has also listed that room has TV but it doesn’t work, it’s just a dummy piece in the room. One of the leading credit rating agencies, Experian, was hacked in 2015, causing the personal data of 15 million Americans to be exposed. Never go Airbnb!! bye getting in touch with you guys patently coordinating, it might taking time in this hard time, but they ether care its been a month i am waiting for my refund and they are saying with in 14days you will get your refund, check with your bank, when i checked with my bank the refund is not done when i tried to convey the same to them they were like it is 14 working days and i am really wondering ether they work onc day in a week , tell me with in a month you guys have not worked for 14days. What the hell kind of cult is this!? I used Airbnb for two years and had success. He came in screaming and yelling at us to get the fuck out. Because it sounded so ridiculous on the website, I called the number provided above (1-855-424-7262). How I did this was to: 1. I booked a private room in a home with one other room and shared bathroom. In the past, we’d receive a credit for the inconvenience. I know what I saw on my screen, it said the booking was cancelled and that I would get the full amount refunded within 10 days. | Phone Chat Email and More, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). ∙ I booked an 8 day stay with them and the morning after checking in our rental the place was infested with ants. If you think Airbnb can safeguard your most value information, think again! This is our very first family reunion as adults and aside from the hurricane trying to ruin it we now have Airbnb keeping us apart. Not even half a star? For anyone who might not know, this is typically referred to as a “connected condo.” It is essentially a refurbished hotel, and is, frankly, very nice, as is the overall community. This may have already been done as I had been told that it was being escalated (or words to that effect) and that you would no longer be involved in the case. the next day after arrival, I had to sit around in the lobby from 4 to 7pm waiting for UPS to show, unload their truck and then find my package so I could finally get my key. Since then i did not hear from airbnb. To begin with, there are six options: Of all of the above options, this is the most frustrating. As avid Airbnb users, we can’t stress the following point enough. So I have all of these on a mail, telling me in 15 working days I will get back all my money. Highlight that this is misleading 4. ask for a full refund It is in the hosts interests not to cause trouble with Airbnb by displaying inaccurate information. Our “super hostess Emily” wouldn’t return our money after Airbnb cancelled our reservation because they were using the wrong email address to contact us for the final installment. 3 bedrooms, Apartment I’ll never book through airbnb again. I’m from Philippines and just recently cancelled my bookings in HK due to political unrest. On Monday, 8/25, just 7 days before, Tanya informed me that Sextant can no longer honor the reservation. This just happened to me too! For whatever reason, my sign-in proceeds to a pop-op asking if they can send a verification code to 1) text message to my phone or 2) call my phone. I would give this company a zero if it was an option. sometimes your credit card blocks purchases while you are traveling unless you inform them, they want to make sure your card has not been stolen. This same exact situation is happening with me as well. I want my money back for this night from hell. no any answer or reply from their email or phone call. What a garbage. We have heard many stories of former Airbnb Hosts and Guests who have contacted Airbnb and spent literally weeks going back and forth via email messages and phone calls before either giving up, or finally reaching a real manager with authority to resolve real issues. The hostess drew a pitty bath about how much time this cost her and she could only re- book 6 of the 7 nights and so she felt she lost money . Did not refund. We reported it promptly to both the host Gerardo and Air B&B. You need to feel shame and remorse for treating potential guests this way. Hi just, had same experience with Airbnb, but was resolved fairly quickly. I called them and messaged them many times, I get the same shit every time. “NO, I AM REQUESTING MY ACCOUNT BE DELETED, NOT JUST DEACTIVATED” the worthless phone rep informed that could only be done by email. Let’s just say the house was awful. I just happen to get a host who is an a-hole and refused to refund me in full and wanted to take the full amount!!! I travel extensively during my summer breaks (I teach) and I am familiar with hotels, motels, resorts, B&B’s, collage dorms and other host families’ accommodations. From what I will say, a.all policy is default that customer can’t do the choice;b.I canclled within one week and left 1 month ahead of the booked date. It is not my fault she did not get her money back and yet she feels it is. Hi Allyson, did you get finally a refund? Your email address will not be published. The fastest way to contact Airbnb customer service is by calling them directly. I’m having the same issue. If anyone reading this thread is an attorney with interest in a class action lawsuit against Airbnb, I’m your first client! I understand the rationale behind this step. Airbnb’s response was that they should do something about it. We reserved our place in Gulf Shores, Alabama. I hate this company and would never use them ever again. That same ****ing day, mid-conversation with my girlfriend about the trip, I get an automated message from Airbnb that our reservations were cancelled. When I try to contact AirBNB, it won’t go through. This is unacceptable. They have shut down my account due to a guest mentioning a book that was against their “discrimination policy”. My family has been planing a trip down to New Orleans for a year now and part of that was finding accommodations. Lastly, look at my wife’s feet after cleaning this home ourselves?!? Rental listing is here: Do the neighborhood a favor and stay away. Greedy host not realise the refund even though cancelled the reservation between the time frame & customers service couldn’t help either. I asked Tanya multiple times to process the cancellation request per the AirBNB policy and she refused. Mainly, my issues are regarding the Internet service and TV service which was advertised as one of the available amenities at this property. Hi! Did not know how they can justify anything resembling customer service. They need to Verify everything before posting on their site! I ask the manager if this establishment was safe and he became very aggressive, argumentative and told me to google the place…I asked him what the establishment was called and he told me. Joining AirBnB was one of the worst mistakes I’ve made in a long long time. Booked a place for one night and when we got there it was filthy. The topics covered range from searching for listings to taxation policies. The guy when we told him he hadn’t been responsive to us, claimed “he had better things to be doing” and later said “our parents should be ashamed of the amount of guys we had over.” We left the premises and ended up calling the police. I am so pissed, I could choke them! We were told in writing by the owner and promised a refund (Full and Unconditional) due to the health hazard property. Instead he said here are some more places you can book for more money. Scott . Someone hacked into my account made 5 bookings sent money to host and I call customer customer service and they are unable to help with anything. (Mind you, this is HALF of the original agreed upon price, as Airbnb charges half now, half later for bookings) So originally I was on the books for 228 and change. Full account of what happened and retaliation is here: Hi Wan, were you able to recover your account? They refused and then quickly went to her room and grabbed a coat, shoes and bag and each grabbing an arm dragged her outside to their car saying they would take care of it. Upon arrival the home smelled of cannabis (who am I to judge) and a girl locked in the bathroom crying and moaning. very worst room there is no proper cleaning there is no lift facilities how can children & old aged member will go and also no proper cleaniness in room . Really? How are you going to help me after they did nothing and left me stranded in a city and state I don’t know. It pains me to see your perfect five-star reviews and your glistening reputation as a Superhost. They really don’t care. Their photo uploading system is a joke – I cannot book as their IT does not work. On 6 January I made a booking on a holiday house at Cooee Bay in Queensland.

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