american indoor football

The league legally divided into two entities to allow for a partial merger with the Southern Indoor Football League, which resulted in all of its Eastern teams merging into the SIFL and the AIFA only maintaining its western teams. The AIFA expanded throughout existing territory and, in 2008, expanded into the Western United States. He also announced his support of the new Arena Developmental League (which later changed its name to National Arena League before its inaugural season) and hoped the new league would take on many of the former AIF teams. The league has its roots in the Atlantic Indoor Football League, which began play in 2005 under the leadership of Andrew Haines. As the 2010 season approached, AIFA continued to expand its nationwide footprint. Midway through the 2014 CIFL season, the league removed the team's membership the Xtreme suspended operations. Failing to obey this request will result in … The Georgia Firebirds were a professional indoor football team based in Albany, Georgia, and played their home games at the Albany Civic Center. Scores . The 2016 season saw the league grow from nine teams to a total of 28 announced teams. The game drew just over 6,000 fans, though, and the Liberty Bowl moved to Memphis the next year, where it has remained. In 2007, the team farthest west was based in Mississippi; in 2008, the team farthest west was based in Arizona. Probably the most notable player to come out of Arena football into the National Football League is Kurt Warner, MVP quarterback of the Super Bowl XXXIV champion (2000 game, 1999 season) St. Louis Rams, who had previously quarterbacked the former Iowa Barnstormers of the AFL. They began play as the Kentucky Xtreme in the Continental Indoor Football League (CIFL) in 2013 and 2014. Players in af2 were paid $250 per game and the AIFA and IFL had per-game salaries of $200 per game; the AFL paid $885 per game for most players in 2012, with that number rising to $940 per game in 2013 (although players then had to pay for their own housing, which the league previously provided); starting quarterbacks receive a $300 per game bonus. American Indoor Football (AIF) was a professional indoor football league, one of the several regional professional indoor football leagues in North America. In 2010, the Baltimore Mariners completed the league's first-ever perfect season by winning all fourteen regular season games and winning AIFA Championship Bowl IV. Several NFL owners owned Arena Football League teams in their own cities prior to the league's bankruptcy. The Raiders began play in the 2010 as an expansion team of the American Indoor Football Association (AIFA). The AFL allows only one in motion. The league has its roots in the Atlantic Indoor Football League, which began play in 2005 under the leadership of Andrew Haines. The end zones were slightly shorter—eight yards instead of the standard ten (coincidentally, the eight-yard endzone length is the standard in modern indoor football). The AIFA ball pattern is similar to that of the basketball in the. In 1990, Foster patented the rules of Arena football, meaning that only persons authorized by him could use his rules and his name for the sport. Staff . The relaunched league saw franchises return and renewed interest, but by the end of the 2017 season, almost all of the league's teams had either folded or moved to other leagues, with only the Philadelphia Soul having existed prior to 2016. [1] The press proclaimed the experiment in indoor football to be a success: One thing at least was settled by the game, and that is, that indoor football is literally and figuratively speaking a howling success. The Revolution name referred to New Jersey's nickname, The Crossroads of the Revolution, as the state was the site of many American Revolution battles.

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