apostle in islam

He is made to see with the eye of a modern historian, and discovers that Persia is feeble and Byzantium tottering. 33:40). He made no defence, but confessed that he was fallible except where divinely guided. Then I should point them to the place where the Qur’an calls Christ the ‘Word of God.’”[26] In his contextualized approach, Zwemer was not endorsing or validating Islam or the Qur’an. We have begun to see that there is a science of religion a science Avhich deals both with the history and with the philosophy of religion. Each was anxious to justify itself by an appeal to his words and deeds. In the reign of Heraclius the political situation was almost as promising as the ecclesiastical. Verse 4:69 reads:[10]. [42] A verse from the Quran reads: "Verily, We have sent thee [Muhammad] with the truth, as a bearer of glad tidings and a warner: and thou shalt not be held accountable for those who are destined for the blazing fire." Islam and the Cross: Selections from "The Apostle to Islam" Paperback – September 12, 2002 by Samuel M. Zwemer (Author), Roger S. Greenway (Editor) 2.9 out of 5 stars 5 ratings Believing that God had called him and being fully convinced of the power of the gospel, Zwemer would not let anything or anyone prevent him from preaching the gospel in the Muslim world. Mohammed was no exception to the rule ; in fact, he had less than the average prescience of what was to come. In truth, the hordes of fierce and savage warriors which poured from Arabia and overran a large part of the known world, must have made upon their victims the impression that hell had let loose all its demons. In his typical missionary form, Zwemer’s home was always open to students and neighbors, alike. The question was asked and answered three times. [20] A poor negro who swept the mosque at Medina died and was buried without the Prophet being informed. Zwemer, who embodied this zeal, committed his life to preach the gospel in places and to people who were not only lost, but extremely zealous about their opposition to Christianity. [46] Nonetheless, Islam speaks of respecting all the previous scriptures, even in their current forms.[47]. When, immediately after the death of Mohammed, all Arabia seemed to revolt from Islam, attempts were made to treat with Abu Bekr for new conditions of peace. knowledge. [21] The support of his household was often a matter of anxiety to him, but he was always mindful of those more needy, so that it was not without ground that his followers called him the protector of orphans and the defence of the poor. That he also laid the case of his enemies before God, and invoked punishment upon them need cause us no surprise.

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