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(61) Mary told me that she was leaving when she arrived. You will need to decide what to do about the constituent who I spoke to. (43) He was probably eating his dinner. Richard P. Stanley (80) The dog was happy though wet. (8) 0 I painted the house white. 6.2 ☞ The location of genitive -s The suffix -s is used to make a noun phrase genitive and so permit it to come at the beginning of (and inside) another noun phrase. posits only a single level of syntactic representation; General considerations for a theory of clause structure, A theory of clause structure should capture, simple or easy solution to it. (47) Whether this will help, I don’t know. (P.242), relation cannot be both primitive and derived. (P.200), The particular form that the representation of a refe, determined by a variety of factors involved in the to, speaker will choose a form for the sentence that will allow the speaker to cre, relevant) context of interpretation with the least am, conversation; use of a pronoun guarantees, hearer that the referent is not identifiable in, ‘pragmatic assertion’ or simply ‘assertion’. I bought the car. Note that the subordinate clause in the following sentence has none of the other characteristics; we know it is subordinate because movement shows us that it is contained in the NP. The type of eventuality here is eating, as expressed by the verb eat. The book is comprehensive, clearly written, and provides a good number of practice exercises. (v) Finally, it is worth remembering that a subordinate clause is a constituent, and has the characteristics of a constituent. 7.5 To be or not to be Draw a diagram of the root and subordinate sentence structure of the sentences in this example. (c) List the closed class words which cannot be coordinated. What did the children eat yesterday? MOVEMENT AND PHRASE STRUCTURE Words stick together when they are in the same phrase – they can be picked up and moved together. Emphasis is given to such arguments, since they reflect the relevant verb class. (11) S VP NP S 0 VP PP NP NP N V I read art N sc N NP V P the book which you gave to N me 0 11 The one new class of word we see here involves the word which at the beginning of the relative clause, which we call a RELATIVE PRONOUN. non- topical object contrast. Casually, the man in the hat gave a slimy fish to Toby. Understanding English Grammar. RELATIVE Relative clause CLAUSE. the nuclei in a nuclear juncture, The Interclausal Syntactic Relations Hierarchy thus ma, of the linked unit in a particular juncture-nexus ty, argued by Silverstein (1976) and Givón (1980), such semantic relations themselves can be ranked in a, continuum based on the degree of semantic cohesion between or among the unit, discrete events, actions or states of affairs.

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