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Typically, if I straighten my hair, I avoid the gym altogether. I took a month off from work in July to study for the South Carolina Bar Exam. Start with a bun. Eventually, I was fed up with worrying about having to tip toe into wearing my hair the way that it grows out of my head. My hair curls up at the slightest hint of humidity or moisture. I stopped getting relaxers when I was in undergrad and did the “big chop” in 2011. When you’re a celebrity, it’s tough to leave your house without being approached by fans. I’d love to hear how it goes. Cheslie Kryst became a part of history when she was crowned as Miss USA 2019, joining the ranks of Nia Franklin and Kaliegh Harris, two other black women who held the titles of Miss America and Miss Teen USA, respectively. When I had my braids in (photos at the bottom of this article), the only time I spent styling my hair everyday was when I took off the hair scarf that I slept in. I tell you about it. If you need some help and you live in or around Charlotte, NC, you can book an appointment with my sister here. ", As Miss USA, Kryst aims to help other women feel confident wearing their curls in their personal and professional lives. Online fashion retailer Shein is facing backlash and ridicule over a new high-cut item. Hurry, this cozy-chic fall sweater is at the lowest price we've seen on Amazon. This personal trainer is on a mission to dispel the myths surrounding physical activity. White Collar Glam © 2019 | Web Design, Branding and Hosting by Masterpiece Web Designs. I like it. ', Living in a tiny house inspired one couple to spend more time outdoors, Woman terrifies TikTok users with hyperrealistic Halloween display: 'I would cry if I saw this'. After wearing braids for a few weeks, my hair was more soft, manageable, and moisturized when I took the braids out than it had been in months. In July this year the Navy expanded its dress code to allow French braids, larger buns, and *gasp* dreadlocks. I was one of only two women of color in the organization. Some women are told that natural hair is “unkempt.” Women of color are acutely affected by biases against natural hairstyles, as shown by a recent study that confirmed that black women are twice as likely to feel pressured to straighten their hair for work as compared to white women. Previously, she had been crowned Miss North Carolina USA 2019, becoming the third woman from North Carolina to win Miss USA. "It’s OK to remind people that this is still my hair, and I don’t want you to pet it — just admire it.”, "This is still my hair, and I don’t want you to pet it. Last Thursday, Cheslie Kryst stood on the Miss USA stage with the other top five finalists, waiting to see if years of hard work would result in a crown. This blog is so awesome! This 50-years-old mom figured out a really genius way to make bathroom surround grout like new again! RUN, don’t walk, to find this suit from Nine West that has been marked down to just…, Black Midi Dress. You could spit outside and my hair would frizz. I was honest–I said I was afraid. For those who haven’t heard of protective styles, they’re styles like braids and twists that give your hair a break. As the only Executive at my job that is a woman of color…I feel the pressure immensely to “look a certain way.” Anything that can be perceived as “ethnic” makes me uneasy and I stray from it. In the season finale of # BlackGirlBeauty, Miss USA 2019 Cheslie Kryst and Makeup Artist & Creative Director Moshoodat share their hair journeys, the discrimination of black women's hair, and why you shouldn't touch it. The best way to fight the stereotype that natural hair is unprofessional is to have more and more people come to work showing that it is. The other was an older woman who was well-established in her career. Once I got to law school, I wore my natural curls almost daily. In fact, since the two of us started wearing our natural hair more often, I’ve noticed more of the white women in the organization wearing their natural curls as well. Last Thursday, Cheslie Kryst stood on the Miss USA stage with the other top five finalists, waiting to see if years of hard work would result in a crown. Wear your dreadlocks, your braids, your beach waves, your twist-outs, your wash-and-gos, and your afros, ladies. Reply. You may have heard that various branches of the military recently expanded the number and type of permissible hairstyles for women. So I’ve recently decided that I’m going to ditch the flat iron at least for a while and go with braids. If I sweat, my hair frizzes up and starts to curl and I’m forced to flat-iron it again, which causes breakage and dryness over time. She’s the reason my hair has grown this much over the years. Required fields are marked *. Avoid beads/charms. Although I wore my natural curls to class all the time, I never once wore my natural curls to a single one of my six summer internships (I attended Wake Forest for four years while I earned my JD and my MBA). TikTok user Sarah Kim shared a video of the employee’s reaction recorded outside her home on Oct. 17. It just takes all of us empowering each other to have confidence in our natural selves. It’s also especially nice to not worry about allotting extra time in the morning before work to fixing your sweat-destroyed hair after a workout. Obviously, my natural hair isn’t that easy to style, initially. “You can wear your hair the way that it’s growing out of your head proudly out in the world.”. If you drive less than 50 miles a day, you better read this. Here are some general guidelines I recommend using when styling your natural hair for the workplace: 4. No, I probably wouldn’t wear this suit to appear in court. Thinking about all the black and brown girls who ever felt insecure about their natural hair. Seven months later, in April 2019, 19-year-old Kaliegh Garris, of Connecticut, snagged the Miss Teen USA 2019 crown while earning praise for rocking her natural hair. She owns her own place, Page Veronica Salon, and focuses on natural hairstyles, so she’d been telling me for a while that I needed to figure out some protective styles that worked on my hair. “Although more women are competing with natural hair nowadays, there still aren’t many," she tells Refinery29. How could a smart girl like me have missed all the signs? Wanda, I’m glad to hear that you feel empowered to wear your hair to the office as natural as you want it! The next time I saw her, she was wearing twists. Thank you for this article! My go to style is a two strand twist. My issue is about the beads. "I competed on the trial team at Wake Forest University, and I remember talking to my non-Black teammates about having to pull my hair back into a bun so it's not distracting," she recalls. Your email address will not be published. I remember being a part of an organization that met frequently. So, although I have to invest three hours at the beginning of the style cycle, I spend almost no time styling after that. Try finding a protective style that you’d feel comfortable wearing to the office.

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