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That battle will probably never happen, but surely anything that would keep Dennis on our television is worth considering. But he is far from sitting at home every day with his wife Velia. He is a Texas-born native of age 54 who celebrates his date of birth on January 28th, 1965. “At the same time, half of my problem had been fixed by my retirement. Open Menu Close Menu. As the right-hand woman, she also has an eye for old antiques and helps her father in buying dead or alive cars in her blog. “I put play lists together, modern day and from the past, but not on the same play lists,” he said. Dennis Cometti (The Band) formed as a side projects side project. “I think I could have stopped cold turkey; I don’t think that would have been a problem. But there are a lot of young fellas around who could do a good job, if I decided to retire – again.”. “That depends on which state we were doing,” Dennis explained. The car enthusiast owned and sold a 1994 Ford Mustang GT, a 1998 Mustang LX Hatchback and a Nash Healey. Dennis John Cometti AM (born 26 March 1949) is an Australian sports commentator and a former player and coach of Australian rules football.In a career spanning almost 40 years, his smooth voice, dry humour and quick wit became his trademark. I wouldn’t necessarily just stay in Melbourne. She supports her husband by helping out in auctioning some of his cars to potential buyers. “Supporters know their clubs really well; they live and breathe them,” he said. Dennis Collins’ car knowledge exceeds more than just a hobby. The car enthusiast also appeared on the TV series documentary Garage Rehab and Fast N’ Loud on the Discovery Network. He also sold his other North Texas Estate to build another home for his wife and kids. Famous for his ‘Cometti-isms’, spur-of-the-moment sporting quips, Dennis is the only commentator to have covered AFL from its inception as a national game. For example, he currently holds the Cannonball record for 31 hours 59 minutes which he set in 2007. “We all have people we… not idolise… but certainly appreciate when we are growing up. If Dennis Cometti doesn’t have the most recognised voice among Australian sporting commentators, he would certainly be in the Grand Final against any challenger for that honour. Open Menu Close Menu. What about a head-to-head battle between Dennis and his former on-screen partner (and surely future Hall of Fame inductee) Bruce McAvaney on football knowledge? We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Josh “Red Beard” Stuart Wiki-Bio: Net Worth, Age, Wife. I love getting to the gym every two or three days, it’s a regime for me now and I used to do it when I was travelling, but clearly I had less time. “I’d get him in WA, but overall he’d get me, I think. Dennis Collins is a Texas native who lives and breathes cars. In retirement, Dennis has also spent a lot of time in Channel 7’s archives, putting names to faces in thousands of photos of WAFL players from days gone by. As the right-hand woman, she also has an eye for old antiques and helps her father in buying dead or alive cars in her blog. In his oral history interview with Jen Jewel Brown (NFSA title: 1143169), he shares insights from his 40-year career in sports broadcasting. 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Her date of birth may be unknown, but we know exactly where her heart lies. “I think for people to come up is terrific and I am happy to have a chat with anyone who wants to do that, unless you are running for time… you can make the excuse that there is something going on in your life and you can’t stay and talk. Dennis Cometti (born 26 March 1949) is a former Australian rules football player and coach who is best known as a commentator. Dennis Collins with his daughter Kelsey Collins. At the same time, if you live long enough and do a reasonable job, you have a chance. On that note, he buys and sells them so fast it is hard to keep track of what he owns. More specifically, he can tear up a Jeep Wrangler and CJ and restore it from ground up with the help of his brother. Dennis Collins fro Fast ‘N Loudisn’t exactly an open book about his parents, early life, and siblings if any.

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