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Hi Brian, From the tiniest ants to the huge four-legged creatures, from the fascinating airborne birds to the water-dwelling beasts nature has everything for us. We believe you are mistaken as to the attacking insect’s identity. As a matter of fact a whole nest of them. That is a method used by social wasps. LOL, I agree, its all fun and games till one of these 1 1/2″ monsters mounts your arm and stings you! I have recently been seeing alot of these wasps around Kitchener Ontario. Great black wasps certainly look the part; their black color, size, and appearance can intimidate anyone., Aphids, Scale Insects, Leafhoppers, and Tree Hoppers, Fungus Beetles and Pleasing Fungus Beetles, Pantry Beetles, Grain Weevils, Spider Beetles, Meal Worms and Carpet Beetles, Crickets, Camel Crickets and Mole Crickets, Sow Bugs, Pill Bugs, Isopods, Lawn Shrimp and Amphipods, Hummingbird Moths, Sphinx Moths or Hawk Moths, Pantry Moths, Clothes Moths, Case-Bearers and Meal Moths, Neuropterans: Lacewings, Antlions, and Owlflies, What's That Bug? We hope you enjoy this website. They dig the nests underground to stay and reproduce. Thanks for the info on the Great Black Wasp. Your email address will not be published. A) I agree entirely with Paul Bradley’s “failure to educate” critique and don’t need to restate what he said so well. No, I’m not confused about what keeps flying at my face, it’s two inches and blue black and shaped like a wasp. Are they a separate species? Great Black Wasps nest underground, and not in sheds. I have been stung by normal black wasps. Even so, here are some pointers on how to identify and deal with black wasps. Do I just found 2 wasps this morning in my house. Thanks . What's That Bug? Parasitoid, Detail of a fertilized yellow and black spider of the Argiope bruennichi species or wasp spider in its silk web on a hot summer. does not endorse extermination. They never bother us at all. I think some of these comments are aggressive and rude! Great Black Wasp nectaring on `Hello Yellow` Butterfly Weed in Lisle Illinois 839235 Sphex pensylvanicus Asclepias tuberosa `Hello, Great Black Wasp 839236. Your email address will not be published. They burrow in the sand. does not endorse extermination.” We are an identification site and we do our best to properly identify, for free, as many requests as we can possibly handle. We welcome your comments and They are hideous pests. Location:  Eastern Ontario Canada And there seem to be several of them in that size that Spectracide does nothing for. How is that possible?! Well, yesterday, one flew into (and fortunately, back out of) my garage, and today, I’ve noticed two more (hence the web search that led me to your site). However, safety measures should be taken by those who are allergic to wasp stings. It is only the female adult black wasp that stings when herself feels in danger. It is important to get the premises sprayed when summer is around. Close up photo of a black blue wasp sitting on a green leaf taken with canon ixus 145 and modified prosumer lens, Macro of a black grass-carrying wasp. A Great Black wasp is collecting nectar from tiny white flowers. It is a type of digger wasp, and most people see it busily eating nectar and pollen from flowers in summertime.

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