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Another fine display from the Saddlers again on Saturday, but we need to be closing these games out – too many draws for the automatic promotion spots? Yeah I meant – well that part of me meant – and I never said which part of me it was – current members – I’d forgotten how decent that Attempted Moustache (Louden Wainwright III album title 1973) stuff was, very Gang of Four. Just a guess of course, based on the fact that she isn’t Czech and she isn’t a footballer. 90 Bisodol (Crimond) – the (Crimond) being a reference to hymn book convention, another of those arcane in-jokes – is probably their best, certainly their most consistent album. Personally I found the reference to Blood on the Quad to be self-serving in the extreme, given that it is hardly representative of their broader work, but very representative of Burchill’s own hobby horses. Or have you had a preview of the forthcoming interview? I’m not on twitter, but now you come to mention it yes – it did strike me that I didn’t realise Dukla had much ethnic diversity in the years when they had that kit. Another quote, but a more unusual one, in yesterday’s Over-by-Over in the Guardian. On last nights eastenders when Ben was sat at his laptop he was searching for ‘Nigel Blackwell’. Love the way Steve Lamacq brought on Joy Division Oven Gloves deep in injury time to score the winner, just when Coldplay thought they had it in the bag (to take an analogy slightly too far). Can confirm Big Issue North does not feature said article. Thanks to all concerned. Live performance and more from Danny Kelly’s Under The Moon on YouTube. And yes, CtSO, your point about in-store “radio” not being something that’s broadcast over the actual airwaves was what pretty much prevented me from thinking “FM” had anything to do with radio in this context. At the half-way stage of the stage, NB10’s tip looking good so I’ve had a go on Sagan in running at 15/8 (still available with Paddy P as we speak). Adrian then recalls the time when HMHB declined to appear on ToTP because Tranmere were playing at home. Appropriate that the only 6Music presenter to get a namecheck in an HMHB song should pop up with the goods. Blackwell has two particular skills as a wordsmith – first off, although not displayed as often as his humour, he can have a brilliant way with metaphor and phrasing. You can check-out anytime you like but you can never leave. Kudos to Ian King of The Times today for shoehorning in a big HMHB reference into a story about kids’ names: The vogue in recent years has been for names such as Fred or Archie – which, as the indie-rock group Half Man Half Biscuit memorably pointed out, boast “cheeky but loveable working class scamp connotations”. I really must assign the YouTube link to a hotkey. The next link in The Chain was to Björk – Crystalline, which for me rather took the edge off a joyous experience. Parkgate Pony Sanctuary? “Grammar perfectionists are both intellectually and morally superior to other types of human. Don’t let that stop you searching, of course, Jitsu_G. No but Gomez404 should be bloody ashamed of hisself. Another Mayo “Achtung Bono” reference last night, this time using their regular guest chef’s comment about oven gloves to justify mentioning JDOG. Probably too late to ask them to fit in Voyage To The Bottom Of The Rd. The travel report mentioned Chatteris and someone must have been quick off the mark to mail the show or Ken Bruce is a HMHB fan. Not one but two 1985/86 pics of the lads on that page – once for “independent shops” and once for the Kevin Cummings photo exhibition. Failing that, I’ve absolutely no qualms, About taking money off of corporate knobs. There's a man with a mullet going mad with a mallet in Millets. Marc Riley’s just played ‘Mr Cave’s A Window Cleaner Now’ from the Peel session on his R6M show (about 20 minutes in). Still not doing overly much about it now in fact… Hope this has you drowning in clarification. Mention The Lord of the Rings just once more and I'll more than likely kill you. Always good to hear a mention for New Brighton Tower too. OK they were a piss-take of merchandising in a similar vein to Evil Gazebo golf tees, but nevertheless they were made for a fan of Joy Division. For insight, wit and imagination, Half Man Half Biscuit are currently peerless. Nevertheless, the band’s history appears to be extremely accurate, with dates and spelling of names all spot-on to me. In 1980 Skeleton had released two tracks by Attempted Moustache, featuring Simon Blackwell and Paul, two of the five original HMHB members. . Please whitelist our site in order to continue to access The Quietus. After a week of feverish anticipation, a bit short on revelation(s), to be honest. Thanks for the link Neil, I’m going to write to them and ask them if they’ve heard of Fred Titmus. Brightened my day anyway. That’s all I’m sayin’. Surprisingly few have featured, given how many suggestions of the lads’ tracks they must surely receive. Blackwellian anger is one thing, Burchillian loathing is another, and her article mixes up the two. Ha, “stuff like Half Man Half Biscuit”, eh ? Soddin’ word thief. Christian Rock Concert gets a mention in an article about hidden messages on websites in Mexico and Bolivia. Frank fans may be interested to know that the Fund has now raised almost enough money (contributions still being accepted) to pay for a statue of Frank to be erected in Timperley, near the Post Office. Charles, I was at that Tranmere game, and can never hear ‘Nothing’s Gonna Stop us Now’ without recalling the moment that time stood still when Exeter’s Martin Ling (I think) hit the bar. The Daily Telegraph opened a story about the SPL experimenting with Friday night football with a reference to HMHB without mentioning Friday Nights and The Gates Are Low, “gingerbread man biscuit cutter obtained. I don’t follow snooker … but I do play in the same Sunday League football team as the current world number 78 (who will probably go a lot higher than that over the next decade) and his dad, a former world number 42. (@Exxo, your opinion on my hyphen?). I’m the same age as him and I dreamt about ‘If’ (in a nice way) for many months after I first saw it. As a wholly independent publication, we rely entirely on our ad bookings to keep The Quietus going. Print-only for that New Statesman article. So what? Professor Henry Brubaker said: “In no way are any of these people vain, arsey pedants. If you want to browse more Blackwell excellence, there’s now – finally – a pretty much complete archive online, courtesy of this excellent site (a far cry from the days when searching for “…Dukla Prague Away Kit” lyrics would give you reference to something called “Sub-U-Dome”). Nice one John Hartley (lovely hand-writing too). Good stuff on the fraternal link between BITDHSS and ALHQ, and finally a definitive date for NB10’s birthday. The search term “Joy Division Oven Gloves” went to the top of the Twitter’s UK trending list this morning as a result of the campaign. Why it should follow the TV series in that respect, rather than updating the reference to something more contemporary, or going back to whatever was in the original, I don’t know. NB57 is in the list if you look hard enough. The match: Walsall FC 1-1 Sheffield United. Fraid so – from their About page “Established in 2012, the Studio Exec is a satirical movie based website, publishing spoof news, reviews and comedy masterpieces.”. There is nothing better in life than writing on the sole of your slipper with a biro. As one of the readers noted HMHB could fill an album with football songs. I probably would have done them for nothing. GOT! Ooh ooh a Šibenik festival review. I started watching it but missed that bit. They both said how much they loved it, and SM went as far as to opine that the bassline at the end was a quote from Joy Division (and Warsaw)’s ‘Interzone’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BgoBRn2HQDo (itself, as we know, a reference to Northern Soul classic Nolan Porter‘s ‘Keep On Keepin’ On’ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pbKCWBTgTR8 ).

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