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Not really Iggy’s speaking voice is not “black”, as has been pointed out approximately one million times in the media. They are far from alone in this. So, Iggy is a racist appropriator because: * She has a nice body. Iggy Azalea - Murda Bizness (Feat. No white person would be allowed to play “black music” of any stripe, because that’s inauthentic. Ask Dr. Dre how much crime he’s actually done in his life, how many people he’s shot. Whitney’s accent was almost cartoonish but you don’t hear it on The Bodyguard Soundtrack. Super clean, fa'sho get 'em "Sally Walker" is a song by Australian rapper Iggy Azalea from her second studio album, In My Defense (2019). "Murda Bizness" (NEW MUSIC) | Global Grind, https://iggy-azalea.fandom.com/wiki/Murda_Bizness?oldid=5995, The song is referenced in Azalea's 2014 song ". When you choose to perform in a certain style of music, you adopt the styles of that music, including the individual “voice” of your instrument. He lived the blues, he played the blues, he died like a bluesman. It’s at the center of so-called hipster behavior. She worked and saved the money she earned by cleaning hotel rooms and holiday houses with her mother… She also said she had no friends and was teased for her homemade outfits…. I will put forward the notion, however, that Salon isn’t even read by “total fucking idiots with liberal arts degrees” and is therefore a straw-man argument . Muddy Waters reportedly told Little Walter, “We don’t live the blues, we play it.” Miles Davis said something similar to his bandmates. He was the real deal and if Iggy Azalea is the fakest “black” performer in history, as has been alleged, then T-Model Ford is the realest. Salon, which is a scientifically accurate barometer for what total fucking idiots with liberal-arts degrees are thinking at any given time, has run a half-dozen articles on the woman, each one more abusive and dismissive than the last. [Verse 1: Iggy Azalea] When John Mayall sang in an American accent on that same record, was he trying to “appropriate colonial accents”? While continuing his studies at Northwestern University, Derrick was brought on as an opinion writer and, eventually, as an editor for The Daily Northwestern. When Iggy in the spot, they be iggin' ya'll hoes Murda Bizness Lyrics: Hit the club with bad bitches / Stack of hundreds, bunch of fifties / Super clean, fa'sho get 'em / Hit the scene, kill shit, we in the murda bizness / I kill pride, I hurt [Verse 2: Iggy Azalea] We willingly trust everything and anyone from the repair crew on a Southwest 737 to the 23-year-old who hands you a prescription through the window. Few of my peers can do better. Viewed through any sort of critical lens, even a cloudy one, the accusations against Iggy disappear like morning fog in sunlight. Hit the club, with bad bitches Stack of hundreds, bunch of fifties Super clean, fa’sho get ’em Hit the scene, kill shit, we in the murda bizness I kill pride, I hurt feelings, click clack bang bang we in the murda bizness My outfit? My brother has written about the bizarre accusations of “cultural appropriation” and “racism” and “blaccents” brought against Miss Kelly, who performs as “Iggy Azalea”, but I don’t think he’s aware of just how deep the river of progressive hatred runs in this case. As for the third point, here are some highlights from her Wiki biography: The family lived in a house that her father built by hand from mud bricks…Her father, Brendan Kelly, was a painter and comic artist, while her mother, Tanya, cleaned holiday houses and hotels. In pursuit of her desire to move to America, Azalea dropped out of high school. It’s worse than the BBC. (Official Video). [2], IGGY AZALEA - Murda Bizness ft. T.I. Now let’s take a look at Mr. Clifton’s bio: His gifts of song, speech and writing began developing at five years old, with early training and encouragement from family, teachers and church leaders. They didn’t live the blues — they played the blues. It’s the precise equivalent of a wealthy Victorian aristocrat directing his carriage driver to splash mud on a street person because that person’s existence offends him, right down to the benign approval directed Derrick’s way by the other self-appointed progressive-Internet aristos. Was he trying to sound black? I’m not really familiar with the blues artists you mention, but the Reverend Gary Davis was REAL as FUCK and he played the most amazing, transcendent blues. If you want “the realest”, there it is. He started to play and the blues just came out of him. Blues, rock and jazz are very much American music, the result of different musical cultures learning from each other. I far prefer the black scar submitted by the “egg roll” (really, Perot: that’s the best you could come up with?) MissInfo.tv » New Video: Iggy Azalea Feat. He sang about the problems and misery of his life before he picked up the guitar, about prison, about women. Almost, anyway. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ Kill bitches dead, click clack bang bang it's the murda bizness I mute niggas turnt up all the way If you have been reading this blog for a while, you know I consider myself to be engaged in the pursuit of reality. Kill bitches dead, click clack bang bang it's the murda bizness But here’s the problem. Quite an interesting read. Pingback: dustbury.com » Quote of the week, Your email address will not be published. Shit, I'm IMAX big, you poster size Album Glory. Barry Manilow wrote a lot of songs but “I Write The Songs” wasn’t one of them. But trust me: when it comes to making art, you don’t want the real. Any mention of T-Model Ford in mainstream media is worthwhile as he is grossly under appreciated. Iggy Azalea has been accused of stealing Cardi B's "Money" for new song "Sally Walker" Robert Cray grew up in a middle-class household and was performing for a living before he turned twenty. I’ll talk about anti-tourism in the near future, because it’s the guiding principle of modern media ideas on race and it’s hilariously illogical, but for now we’ll focus on authenticity. “Authenticity” is a concept that means a huge amount to intellectuals of all colors. I’m the first of my kind, you ain't seen any The second point we’ll return to. While I keep making hits with these coca lines The video was inspired by American reality television series Toddlers & Tiaras. On April 9, 2012, was released a studio video for "Murda Bizness". Iggy Azalea. I’d love to hear where he fits into your model. The MMR vaccine has an entire chapter. She a broke ho, that’s how you know she not with me A good book to read on how to objectively assess science is: Bad Science: Quacks, Hacks, and Big Pharma Flacks by Ben Goldacre. Back to T-Model. You think that’s unique to the blues? I understand it just fine and so do most people with a college education. Iggy’s explanation for her rapping accent is that she spent five years learning to rap in the South, living with black men (one of whom, Hefe Wine, beat and abused her and is currently attempting to prove some dodgy “common-law marriage” in a Texas court) and immersing herself in a black milieu. Humans trust far too much because to behave any other way would require an outlay of time and energy that nobody, with the possible exception of titled aristocrats dabbling in science, has had since the fall of Man. Derrick Clifton, who identifies as “black, queer, gender-fluid, intersectional, feminist and on fleek” — this can be shortened easily to “label enthusiast” — wrote a very popular article for DailyDot explaining How To Talk About Iggy Azalea With White People and offering this opinion on Iggy’s rap career: Sure, she can [rap]. T-Model Ford was real. The video, which was set at a funeral, featured a bunch of RuPaul's Drag Race stars, YouTube beauty guru James Charles and Iggy twerking on top of a hearse. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. When the light hit the chain all you see is fireworks His work with Jimbo Mathus, and Jimbo’s work with Buddy Guy on Sweet Tea get close to this energy. You can explain it to a ten year old. I’m relying on a trust chain between myself and the people who have done the work. [Hook] [Hook]. The default singing voice for rock performers of all colors and nationalities is a California accent. I wonder if this is maybe an envious rant ~ I was listening ti ‘T’ Model Ford to -day , he’s not on my regular list but he seems to play just fine to me . What I believe to be “real” is two percent my own observation and ninety-eight percent received knowledge, obtained from my uneasy perch on the shoulders of Isaac Newton’s giants. Nothing says “white privilege” like growing up in a mud house and cleaning hotel bathrooms with your mother. I know he led a lot of people like Jorma Kaukonen into places they did not belong but he can’t be blamed for that. If he does, he’s alone in the world, because magnetism is not well understood. We gonna eat this bread cause we make plenty And nah, nah, nah, they ain’t feeling y’all hoes I wonder if he knows how magnets work. This social justice warrior spends his days fighting against the “conservative war on science” and it’s obvious that he considers himself to be quite the intellectual. Ice-T was a gang member once — but he’s spent a much larger portion of his life playing a cop on television. Corey Glover had two platinum records with Living Colour singing in a voice that sounded as white as mine did even though his speaking voice was “black”. Peezy, we got them queazy, give these hoes a hard time, make it look easy Take a minute here to consider the fact that someone with a master’s degree (in progress) from Northwestern, who received enough public acclaim as a “queer” student to speak in front of a US Senator, has decided it’s okay to shit all over someone who used to clean toilets with her mother for a living. He continued to have issues with the law and, apparently, carry a firearm to his gigs. Required fields are marked *. We’re all so trusting it makes me sick. The song was released March 26, 2012, and premiered by Azalea via her official YouTube account.

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