inside out burger drake and josh

The restaurant is a parody of In-N-Out Burger (a chain originating from Southern California). On a video on, it is shown Victoria Justice guest starred and confused the Drive-Thru Man. This is a parody of the famous hamburger joint. When Josh calls Drake, he appears to be at a restaurant with some friends and is right in the middle of a story. In the beginning of the episode, Josh tells the viewers to "give him a minute" as he claims there's an emergency.
The restaurant is a parody of In-N-Out Burger (a chain originating from Southern California). Megan throws lemonade on Drake and splashes him with it just because him and Josh made her miss Janie's birthday party and you can see that the juice is on his face and his shirt but when he says "don't touch the power saw" all the lemonade juice on him is gone, and he never had any lemonade stain on his shirt either. This is the first episode where Megan gets disciplined by Audrey and Walter, although this was for helping the boys build the rocket that destroyed the tree-house and she doesn't get disciplined for leaving them trapped in the tree-house.

Since in both episodes Kenan and Kel, like Drake and Josh, had movie dates, however, Drake and Josh went to eat with their dates, while Kenan and Kel went to see a movie. It is mentioned in Robarazzi, when Rex states that Robbie told him that he was taking him to Inside-Out Burger. Tree House is the tenth episode of the fourth season of Drake & Josh.

This is clearly a reference to the popular west coast burger chain restaurant: "In 'n' Out Burger".

This episode is similar to Kenan & Kel's "Fenced In" episode. Inside-Out Burger is the name of a fictional fast-food restaurant, often mentioned in Victorious, iCarly, Drake and Josh, and Sam & Cat episodes.

Even though Megan leaves Drake and Josh stuck in the tree house all day, they start building the tree house in the morning until the afternoon and Drake says their dates are in 2 hours, he mentions that in the daytime but then it's night and he says that their dates are on their way to the movie theater to meet them which he mentions at nighttime, it may have already been 2 hours which is a long time ago so they could've missed their dates by now and left a little while ago then they're dates call their house and say that they were supposed to meet their twin dates 45 minutes ago so it's impossible their dates would still go on all day even though Drake and Josh didn't make it. Josh then calls to tell Drake he ate the last of Megan's fruit popples, which Drake denies.

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