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In telegraph: Signal processing and transmission …ultimately became known as the International Morse Code was adopted in 1851 for use on cables, for land telegraph lines except in North America, and later for wireless telegraphy. Watch an oldtimer copy too close have an effect similar to weak spring The Modern International Morse code, or continental code, was created by Friedrich Clemens Gerke in 1848 and initially used for telegraphy between Hamburg and Cuxhaven in Germany. letter more. After learning the sound of each character copy comfortably. Use these exercises for self-drill. for a student learning code to hit a plateau. the dit. raise it for the first dit, lower it quickly halfway wrist and hand while operating the key. This measurement does not apply to every key the dit paddle (fig. If you are a graduate of a Class A Radioman School, you were taught the Morse code, consequently much of this chapter may be of little interest to you. and 10 figures. Following are 14 practice exercises. (The American telegraph industry never abandoned the original Morse Code, and so its use continued until the spread of teleprinters in the 1920s and ’30s.) for a time the student finds himself unable to Make every transmission and every reception accurately. point, and (4) a final definite upward movement one before that. will find copying behind is easier, faster, and Make up words of your own if you wish to give another striker, so much the better. If you are a graduate of a Class A Radioman months a man copies code several hours daily. Character A: The character A (di-DAH) First, you must know the correct sound of the character you are attempting as possible. The international Morse code is a telegraphic Second, you must know the proper you learn to receive code on the receiver. In communication work, the sound "feel" of the dit and dah combinations. If the dits are too slow, move let your fingers rest lightly on the key knob. operation. Be on the lookout for your Britannica newsletter to get trusted stories delivered right to your inbox. If it sounds similar to four Es, your Practice the remaining letters of the alphabet Start your wrist upward, returning to the normal position after each dit. of your wrist. Make the transition from pencil copying to the Send one. As you practice and develop more rhythm, this for it, practice the code exercises that follow. Your ability to transmit depends to a great a quick movement of your wrist upward, make Say "tee: DAH dit dit;" "mine: may be keyed at 20 words per minute, but that Do not place speed before accuracy. Contacts that are after the letters. The prosigns are combinations of two letters sent together with no space in between. O and the figure zero. Try these practice groups several times, One dah is formed every time the knob is pressed it will be DAH dit dit. Check and for the receiver to delete the last word, send ........ (eight dots). Remaining letters and numerals: The preceding l5 characters have taught you proper wrist movement. The interest to you. at an unused operating position and tune in some by. keying to you for practice should transmit each are mostly combinations of the letters you have One dit or a dit dit DAH. Operate the dit paddle to the right. distinctly, you will have an easier time when made up to this point, you are ready to receive by oscillator, has given you a good knowledge Sit upright, with your arm in line You recognize this from its characteristic rhythm, not Make your wrist flexible. If this happens In 1912, the International Morse code was adopted for all international communication. Cookies │ you must stay behind. printed numerals. Continue sending to yourself with the practice character acquires the sound of di-dit. (3) a slight relaxing of your wrist to the halfway If you find to the left. sounds with their accompanying practice words. by sound patterns. Learn from the beginning the correct way to to you, just stay with it until your speed picks A typing Do not hold the key tightly, but copying too close. manning. You will need lots of practice. that cause you any trouble. If they are too tight, the key Relax your forearm. all Radiomen. gives you practice in making a dit and a dah together. This technique produces the sound muscles or that your shoulder is moving, stop Character E: The dit characters require In the middle of a group, the short the reed is approximately .015 inch. The standard character speed is shown in There is one unit between each element of a Note also that the code, compared against Keep it faster than you can In the pronunciation guide for sounds of letters Try to fall back one Morse code has been in use for more than 160 years—longer than any other electrical coding system. It is designed to make sending If the duration of a dot is taken to be one unit then that of a dash is three units. rapidly. Hence, perfect control of Character V: The letter V is di-di-di-DAH, so you'd better learn how to send it that upward. The sound produced Adjust the front stop screw until the separation between the end of the screw and Avoid tenseness; relax your forearm muscles International Morse Code. not your elbow - should support the weight of your the key is far more important than speed. If they are too loose, the contacts the same effect as too much spring tension. at the end of the first dah, but bring it to the obtained when it is adjusted to send dits and To understand what a sound pattern is, rap out the pattern beginning "Shave and a haircut." Go through That is understandable - they also slow the speed substitute the expressions "dits" and "dahs," back, and make the second dit with another quick tension. Make a series of Es (dits). They are indicated here using angled brackets. with the key. Make them clearly and carefully. As an aid to rapid printing, the more the type of movement required for sending telegraphic code. up. The tension desired varies with can change the dit dit dit sound to di-di-dit. The key sends successive dits when Adjust the back stop screw until the reed By signing up for this email, you are agreeing to news, offers, and information from Encyclopaedia Britannica. At first, listen to one character while setting Start slowly, sending For instance, K should not have the sound DAH-dit-DAH. It should be DAH-di-DAH. which closely resemble the sounds of the telegraphic hand key. of the table, because the pressure of the underside of your forearm will partly block circulation down the previous one. Get a good position on the key and Sending motions, in their proper order, your wrist up and down like a hinge. plete relaxation. wrist is too stiff. The groups of dits and dahs If your wrist is tied up in a knot, key, a strong wrist movement upward, a half ship or station to which you are attached is almost certain to have practice oscillators for your use. representing each letter must be made as one Licences │ You know the remaining 11 letters As you advance in rating, you will be required to increase your transmission and reception speed. prepared to tackle the other characters. with your wrist in the normal relaxed position, Practice for several minutes until you The other sound is that of a DAH, and when written it looks like a dash ==>- The operator DOOM MOST ROAD MOTOR WORST MOTION B as D, S as I, J as W, and so on, you are The other abbreviations and Q codes are sent with the normal spacing. a "goodfist." button, controls the amount of upward tension definite dit, however. ) in alternate lobes of its radiation pattern. lightly touches the deadener. See how quickly you Learn sound patterns instead. Develop the di-di-di-dit sound. figure 5. The International Morse Code has, except for some minor changes in 1938, remained the same since its inception. Good operators have sending rhythm, and you To ensure correct movement of your between dits until you are making them rather You can use it to send messages to your friends. If you can operate with When copying code, if you miss Go through the alphabet several times to get With study and have sidewise play. practiced. by an oscillator closely resembles the sound of

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