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KRLA was a legendary station in the Los Angeles market. worked there in the 1960s and early 1970s, KRLA was as exciting to work for as Find us on Facebook Find us on Twitter Find us on TuneIn Find us on returned to the judge telling him the five companies would join together to run Search. After that, Hope kept pushing to buy the station for his daughter License "pulled" and granted to Oak The number soon dwindled to five. Signing on in 1942 as KPAS, the station became country KXLA three years later. The stream was stopped (connection time out occurred). Former 790 KABC personality Larry Elder hosts a nighttime show. [4][5] The KRLA-produced Terry Anderson Show aired on Sundays at 9 p.m., until Anderson died on July 7, 2010. In 1964, when the British invaded America, KRLA seized the moment and became the first southland station to air The Beatles. Soviet Premier Khrushchev and Vice President Nixon held their famous "kitchen debate" in Moscow, while down in Cuba a young man named Fidel Castro seized power. Biondi returned to Chicago on WCFL 1000 AM in 1967. Buddy Holly, Ritchie Valens and J.P. "The Big Bopper" Richardson died tragically in a plane crash near Clear Lake, Iowa. [6], In 2014 rival talk radio station KABC, owned by Cumulus Media, discontinued the Mark Levin and Larry Elder shows. [9], 1 = Clear-channel stations with extended nighttime coverage. Hear the audio that matters most to you. Specialty shows featuring law, pet care and financial advice, as well as Brokered programming air throughout the weekends on KRLA. A gallon of Ethyl gas cost about 27 cents, making it pretty easy to fill up your brand new Ford Edsel. The year was 1959. KRLA 870 AM The Answer is your home for Intelligent, Conservative, Talk Radio. Dwight Eisenhower was in the Oval Office. Some information courtesy: Chris Hayes, KABC. 2. King), Purchased by Eleven-Ten Broadcasting, Inc. efforts to milk what they could from KRLA's image. could not come to an understanding within two hours he would award the license Licensed to Glendale, California, United States, it serves Los Angeles and Southern California. �@Ee Ƶ�D�J�)Q� zXm��� ]���u���z�s��sf(c�!����������ޔ�Jꡌ�dS��ֵQc��VU9�#�����A�}�î�`5`�3������h �y#&M,��a��;jQq��J���a/�Rv���}��7���j����n����?I+շ�(/ [p� It stopped playing eighties music and mainly focused on the sixties at first. Technically, the KRLA of old that never wavered from its Top 40 (circa 1965) format is still very much alive. endstream endobj 176 0 obj <>stream 0 On June 14, 2010, KRLA added Glenn Beck's radio show to the lineup, but the show was discontinued several years later. [3] A long-time Oldies station at 1110 AM, now Radio Disney affiliate KRDC, had used those call letters for several decades, beginning in 1959. Tennessee Ernie Ford, Cal Worthington and Jim Hawthorne were three of the announcers. LISTEN LIVE. After nearly 40 years of Elvis, Fats Domino and the Four Tops, Los Angeles radio station KRLA-AM (1110) pulled the plug on rock ‘n’ roll music. Station billboards promoted "Elvis-to-Elton." "���ɭ`rX|=��&����� $W���w�a`�o 6������h� � s Portions of Content provided by After KHJ introduced "Boss Radio" in 1965, KRLA found competing After KHJ introduced "Boss Radio" in 1965, KRLA found competing in the format rougher, and when the license was put in jeopardy, it got worse yet, financially. On Christmas Day, AM870 broadcasts Christmas Across The Lands, a 24-hour program. KRLA soon found itself the only station still playing regular pop music on AM, save for the "standards" stations and an occasional bubblegum tune on children's-format Radio Disney.

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