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When Mathilda returns, she realizes what has happened just in time to continue down the hall to Léon's apartment; he hesitantly gives her shelter. 42. In La Femme Nikita, Jean Reno plays a similar character named Victor. https://sony.fandom.com/wiki/L%C3%A9on:_The_Professional?oldid=13928. The sheer craziness and excessiveness of the movie -- no crazier, perhaps, than many of the American action movies it copies -- never finds a center of gravity. Si le puse dos estrellas es exclusivamente por Gary Oldman, This list focuses more on the visual similarities as opposed to if there was any theft involved , juliodogpit 1,001 films 10,438 461 Edit, UPDATE--------------------------------------------------------------------------, Check out also: The 100 Greatest Documentaries, ranked as objectively as possible The 100 Greatest Directors The 100 Greatest…, hunter strawberry 159 films 1,730 360 Edit, here's to the bros who dream, knowledgable as they may seem, Tobias Andersen 8,341 films 16,462 756 Edit, Rules: Generate a number (from 1 to x) via: www.random.org, See how many number of films there are in the…, Movie Maestro 3,619 films 15,842 238 Edit, [after his parents have left, thinking he is ill] "They bought it. The additional material is found in the film's second act, and it depicts more of the interactions and relationship between Léon and Mathilda, as well as explicitly demonstrating how Mathilda accompanies Léon on several of his hits as "a full co-conspirator", to further her training as a contracted killer.[34]. Sony Pictures Entertaiment Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. [13] A Léon special edition (2 cuts) Blu-ray Disc was released in the United Kingdom by Optimum Home Entertainment on 14 September 2009 with four special features including three featurettes "10 Year Retrospective: Cast and Crew Look Back", "Natalie Portman: Starting Young", "Jean Reno: The Road to Leon" and theatrical trailer. I'm the plant that's basically there for nothing but happy to just be near natalie portman.. Léon creates a quick escape for Mathilda by smashing a hole in an air shaft; he tells her to meet him at Tony's place in an hour, and tells her that he loves her, moments before the police blow up the apartment. In France overall, it sold 3,330,703 tickets. This time he's more human. Sign up here. [20] Richard Schickel of Time magazine lauded the film, writing, "this is a Cuisinart of a movie, mixing familiar yet disparate ingredients, making something odd, possibly distasteful, undeniably arresting out of them". He said, "Oozing style, wit and confidence from every sprocket, and offering a dizzyingly, fresh perspective on the Big Apple that only Besson could bring, this is, in a word, wonderful". I HAVEN'T GOT TIME FOR THIS MICKEY MOUSE BULLSHIT, I sure love Gary Oldman in this. When Mathilda returns, she realizes what has happened just in time to continue down the hall to Léon's apartment; he hesitantly gives her shelter. This time he's more human. I am currently working towards my ultimate goal of a 1001…, IMDB's top 250 list: loved by some, hated by others. At first, Léon is unsettled by her presence, and considers murdering her, but he eventually trains Mathilda and shows her how to use various weapons. Mathilda's abusive father attracts the ire of corrupt DEA agents, who have been paying him to stash cocaine in his apartment. Mathilda goes to Tony, as Léon had told her to do earlier. There's a surprising amount of depth, drama, and affection for a film marketed primarily as a shoot-'em-up thriller. In exchange, she runs his errands, cleans his apartment, and teaches him how to read. [17] At Metacritic, the film received an average score of 64 based on 12 reviews, indicating "Generally favorable reviews". Holds up as an exciting and dangerous ride through a city that still exists in the mind. [11], Léon: The Professional was released in France on 14 September 1994. [15] Subsequently it was released a few times with a U.K. remastered Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD was issued by Studio Canal on 11 November 2019. Léon ambushes the ESU team and rescues Mathilda. Mathilda quickly discovers that Léon is a hitman. Mathilda looks up to Léon and quickly develops a crush on him, often telling him she loves him, but he refuses to reciprocate. The first line in the lyrics, "this is from Matilda", refer to Léon's last words to Stansfield, shortly before the grenades detonate and kills them.

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