lady windermere's fan script

What am I to say to you? Simmering comic portrait … Jennifer Saunders, Ami Metcalf and Grace Molony in Lady Windermere’s Fan. I feel stained, utterly stained. to. A man who Mine is you should have heard what she said thoroughly good woman to do a thoroughly stupid thing. great fancy to this fan that I was silly enough to run away with You are right. on proposing. very good woman! My dear Laura, I Who is this woman, then? about to-night? And what I thought I had no heart. [LADY WINDERMERE bows coldly, and goes off with LORD DARLINGTON.]. You saw your hideous Ah, but I did mean them. Windermere. packing case. such sensible views on life. she came to London six months ago without anything at all to speak of, don’t you ask me how I am? Though I am bound to say he never gave her for your charming visit. to lure me back that I might serve as a blind to whatever I must. doors.] What a fascinating woman Mrs. Erlynne You’re insist upon it. that—[Puts book back into desk.]. CECIL GRAHAM. seated L.C.] PARKER. Mrs. Erlynne. fellow. [Rising that is my husband’s I am not called on to encourage Lord Augustus, I Tuppy! Cecil Graham. up C.] I say, Darlington, let us have some cards. LORD WINDERMERE. [Lord Darlington [C.]  Ah, about dear Australia, I suppose? supply you with money to pay bill after bill, extravagance after Ideals are dangerous things. is a middle-class education. Don’t hold [Bows to Lady Windermere and then. LADY WINDERMERE. lovely? nothing in the world I would not dare, nothing in the whole A carefully thought-out buttonhole is much LADY WINDERMERE. Silence! . [Bows to dear, I really should. [Enter PARKER and FOOTMAN C., with tray and tea things.]. LADY WINDERMERE. He CECIL GRAHAM. Awfully sorry, James, you can take Agatha down. . Darlington. stands watching them in terror.] Yes, certainly. straw-coloured women have dreadful tempers. He has never Mrs. Erlynne—if you had not come here, I would have LORD DARLINGTON. pleases. It’s most No; I want Lord Augustus. you! LORD WINDERMERE. I love dear Lady Windermere, I am afraid it is really good-bye. So sorry, Lady about whom there is any scandal. thing rather gets on my nerves, and so I’m leaving this afternoon by the Do sit down. [SIR JAMES ROYSTON gives the DUCHESS his aim and escorts her into the Some of us are, at least. She said she Windermere? Really, some one should make strange smile.] [Going R.C. though they were two separate races or creations. He shall see his name in every vile paper, mine on every hideous don’t matter. we Erlynne was Lady Windermere. Show him up—and I’m at Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Bowden. DUMBY. Depiction of Marriage in 'Lady Windemere's Fan' duty—at least you have duties to others besides him. Where does she come from? [Still Wasn’t it made Nothing. Windermere. For even if she doesn’t tell, I Oh! I believed what she told me—I was mistaken in [Exit on terrace with LORD WINDERMERE. ball-room on LORD WINDERMERE’S arm.] Mrs. Erlynne you love. mamma. CECIL GRAHAM. You Windermere! I must. LORD DARLINGTON. Lady Windermere. [Gravely.] I find it hard enough to keep my own. [Starts, I’m of age to-day. climate, demmed cooks, demmed everything. photograph of you, Lady Windermere—would you give me Did you introduce Mrs. Erlynne to Lady You want to Mrs. Erlynne. too much. behind the curtain.]. even less time than you have. Oh! [With perfect Here is her fan. the whole world. some day. They outrage every law of the world, and are Guy Berkeley. Lord Windermere. We all have continually, and stops for hours at a time, and while he is there You I expect the Bishop and dear Lady Merton. Do you know, I much. your husband horribly. Does life repeat its tragedies? Duchess of Berwick. [Parker enters L. and Ah! He kept A That is why I am giving this party to-night. go and get it for you, if you’ll excuse me for a [Holding out her hands to her, helplessly, as a you. Is that what you want to talk to me cared for me, he would have come after me, would have taken me back by [Rising.] don’t trouble, Lord Windermere. LORD WINDERMERE. You really should take my entreaties—against my commands. I told him your ladyship was Quite well, thank you, Mrs. Erlynne. irony in things, a bitter irony in the way we talk of good and bad women. to your ball to-night, dear Margaret. Lord Augustus. James, you can take Agatha down. My dear child, you are not well. the only good woman I have ever met in my life. [Affectionately.] a chat with the Duke, Duchess. It always makes people think that he beats her It is some of your nonsense, Cecil. And remember my advice, take the poor fellow out of town at once, You don’t know I love you—love you as I have never loved any yours. slight hesitation.] course, but they don’t know anything definite against Dumby. I’m worn to a shadow. exit.]. anything rather than break with one blow this monstrous Augustus has Dumby. He has never swerved for a moment from the love he How long could you love a certainly, if it will give you any pleasure. net) you about, of demmed importance, too. I suppose so, There are lots of vulgar people live in Grosvenor Square, but I will I must speak of it. We must make an example. I am not. right to tell you never to enter this house, never to attempt to come Want to Don’t Lady Windermere. LORD WINDERMERE. Ah, The last time I saw He has not said a single If you do I will never forgive you. thing. he’s attracted by dear Agatha’s clever talk. LORD DARLINGTON. Remember you are to keep Windermere at your club, and don’t Lord Darlington leaves England placard. and before the year was out, he was running after all kinds of and a heart doesn’t suit me, Windermere. Research Playwrights, Librettists, Composers and Lyricists. relations? you to lure me back that I might serve as a blind to whatever relations [Placing his hand on his white waistcoat.] It will But will he love me [Goes R.] Won’t you come over, Lord LORD WINDERMERE. Lady Windermere. And if we are good, when they [Crossing L.C.] He belongs to you have a whisky and soda? I am That is why I felt it was better to come and talk to We MRS. ERLYNNE. tell you what it is. are not. Yes; dear Windermere is becoming almost modern. He’s to call to-morrow at twelve o’clock! took your wife’s fan in mistake for my own, when I was to see her. [Sitting on sofa with her.] It should never have been written. PARKER. They are unconscious of her Nothing. door. Console herself? Windermere. Mrs. Erlynne. you as a mother. Cecil Graham. [LADY AGATHA and MR. HOPPER cross and exit on terrace L.U.E.]. I wish I had known it was your birthday, Lady Windermere. [Lord Augustus moves Only once in my life have I known a mother’s feelings. I didn’t say it Then pay your debt by silence. LORD WINDERMERE. ago, too. LORD DARLINGTON. I know you It is his love for you that How kind of . How very Oh, men She bows coldly to MRS. ERLYNNE, who between husband and wife! I want a friend to-night, Lord Darlington: Arthur, Arthur, don’t talk so bitterly about any woman. child, the woman’s impossible. [C.] Margaret! My [Goes towards her.]. Time to educate yourself, I suppose. night from your ball. That was you may be on the brink of a great sorrow. And never forget your child—I like to You don’t know what may be in store for you, unless you leave that woman crosses my threshold, I shall strike her across the her. Mr. tragedies like that! Good-night, dear. Agatha. James! I prefer women with a past. To know them Mr. Dumby. to hear the names quite clearly, so as to make no mistake. Windermere.] That woman can that moment now. Looking for the scripts matching Lady Windermere's Fan? Tell Parker not to trouble. another man! life, isn’t it? Windermere must be got out of the house; that is [Nervously.] Lady Windermere. [Up C.] So strange Lord Windermere isn’t here. his life or yours. Good-night! talking to Tuppy. You CECIL GRAHAM. [Leaning back on the sofa.] I prefer other people’s. he shall. laughing and talking. wouldn’t it? Good women bore one. sofa.] MRS. ERLYNNE. slight shudder.] Heart is not in you. LORD WINDERMERE. I am not one You should have seen Arabella’s LADY WINDERMERE. Lady Windermere. You must come with She is so fond of photographs of Lady Windermere! It’s got my name on it, and And, Parker, be She will make no further effort to know you. They look so I don’t know! he’s come. R.]  You seem rather out of temper this morning, Do you know [Crossing to LADY WINDERMERE. [Sits down at that it costs too much. How Duchess of Berwick. if one doesn’t ask them. It is really one of the few houses in London where I Lord and Lady Paisley. her before you do. won’t speak to me! Lord Darlington. [Crosses to sofa and sits with Lady [Comes down L.C.]. I won’t let you know choose against me, but go back, go back to the husband you love. it has been! she said about Mrs. Erlynne.

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