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Mike Mangas of KRCR TV reported on his Facebook page Wednesday night that Bethel Church leadership said the huge gathering of Bethel Church members under the Sundial Bridge in Redding was not a sanctioned church event. Click here for the statement from the City of Redding about the Wednesday night Sundial Bridge event. Second, what rational city leader would think it’s prudent to allow a huge event that attracts thousands of people at any time during a pandemic, a time when the prevailing worldwide consensus is that large gatherings are known as places of possible virus transmission; to be avoided like the plague (or a deadly coronavirus)? The National Park Service is being willfully ignorant.”. There’s no way to know what percentage of “Let Us Worship” participants were from Bethel Church, as what percentage were from other faith-based organizations and churches. Evangelical Christians, including Bethel Church members, crowd around Sean Feucht, seen right of center. We need you guys here. I have been in talks with our mayor, city council & spiritual fathers of the city. Parked cars, trucks, vans, bikes and Segways covered all available asphalt, parking lots and dirt areas around the Redding Civic Auditorium, the Sundial Bridge/Turtle Bay, the Sheraton Hotel, and even the Redding Rodeo grounds. Feucht is not a former Bethel School of Supernatural Ministry student. By Sean Feucht: At the time of the event, the state allowed indoor and outdoor worship gatherings, but only if safety measures – such as keeping 6 feet from anyone not in your immediate household – are kept. Other Feucht events have hit cities across the country, including Seattle, Oregon, Colorado, Charleston, Nashville, and Florida. Next came the sound that amplified for miles; a cacophony of musical instruments and harmonizing human voices lifted in heavenly songs, punctuated with the roar of cheers, yells, whoops and applause. “This is insane. “THE CHURCH HAS LEFT THE BUILDING!” Photo source: Sean Feucht’s Facebook page. I’m not picking on Bethel Church or any of the other churches whose members attended this jam-packed event. “It’s going to get worse if we don’t follow basic guidelines.”. Based on the sheer size of the gathering, Schaffner said he could say with “100% certainty” the virus was spread at the event. Hold the Line. Last weekend, the Christian musician appeared at at least two events—one in Kansas City, which hit a new record high of cases in the past few days, and again in Pittsburgh. Photo by Steve DuBois. This is a live recording of WRDW News 12 at 5 a.m. (recurring). D.C. government should do better. As I reported about some fundamentalist churches during this pandemic, some Christians truly believe they’ll be protected from the virus by the blood of Jesus. “We did go through the process to apply but because we were a religious group sponsoring a religious Christian service with music, preaching and baptism, we were reminded we were already exempt and the State Commerce office provided us the email with that exemption,” Hamilton said. Beside Bethel Church members, other pastors, faith-based believers and Burn 24/7 members were invited to the “Let us Worship” event, though as of July 28, none have come forward, or have been specifically identified. It certainly appears that the organizers were untruthful about their Redding Sundial Bridge projections. That the rally was slated to be held some 1,200 yards from the White House, which played host to a likely superspreader event at the Rose Garden last month, pointed to a federal government seemingly content to let the pandemic run wild, experts said. Feucht's events appear to be connected by his "Let Us Worship" tour across the United States. They knew that here in Redding, Bethel Church’s headquarters, any free event they’d hold outside would draw a multitude of believers, itching to get together after being apart for so long. “I don’t think Sean Feucht is striking the right balance there. Backstage Hi-Touch Areas will be sanitized frequently. It’s easy! Is there a pastor leading it? A few hundred worshippers stayed behind to mingle and lay hands upon one another in prayer. Steve said that the Swedish man added that if anyone from the worship event did contract the virus, he was confident there would be a “miracle healing through Jesus”. Is it actually a religious group sponsoring it,” Winslow said. No! Click here for a Feb. 6 story by reporter Annelise Pierce with more details: “Sean Feught for Congress and the New Religion of Politics. At the time, public health officials implored the rodeo crowd to self-quarantine to avoid potenially spreading a virus they may not have known they carried. In a statement, the department says they never received an application for an exemption. Winslow says if the someone wanted to press charges, they would have to prove that it was not a religious service. “Where is it being held? Georgia gas prices have fallen 2.1 cents per gallon in the past week, averaging $1.94 per gallon today, according to GasBuddy’s daily survey of 5,883 stations. Steve said that the man believed more of his fellow Christians weren’t wearing masks because the pandemic is “an evil”, and Jesus will kill the evil. Feucht, who is based in California and has amassed hundreds of thousands of followers across social media, posted a video of the gathering, saying the event faced resistance and had three venue changes before landing at the courthouse grounds. Organizers were very clear about the intent of the ‘Let Us Worship’ event when they rented space from the Exchange Park fair grounds. As a practicing Christian, Bouwer stressed there needs to be “balance” between putting trust in God to get through the ongoing pandemic and following health guidelines to ensure the safety of others. About Movements. Have you attended one of Sean's past events? Chamberlain is an award-winning newspaper opinion columnist, feature and food writer recognized by the Associated Press, the California Newspaper Publishers Association and E.W. Some may have ended up in the hospital. Live 5 reached out to the South Carolina Department of Health for comment. Three women wearing black tops and black shorts went into the river. Approaching the Sundial Bridge in Redding last night, the first indication that something big was happening was the sight of vehicles; hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of them. Children played while adults mingled after the event. Face masks were a rarity at the event, although Sean Feucht announced at the onset of the evening that he had masks available for those who wanted any. View Itinerary. As Archer mentioned, the Wednesday night in Redding was just one of many similar outdoor worship services being held across the country. Some young women waved colorful cloths in time to the music. I’m angry that once again, our community has been exposed to increased danger of infection because of thousands of potentially cluelessly contagious people who will now be walking, living and shopping among us, shedding their virus wherever they go. “[I]n major cities across America, godless politicians are adopting tactics that more closely resemble those of jihadist ayatollahs than men and women who are sworn to uphold the rule of law,” he wrote in part. The same event in Nashville on Sunday is now being investigated by the Metro Public Health Department in Nashville. To date, 624 people have died and 16,445 more have tested positive for the coronavirus in Washington, D.C., according to the city’s health database. Earlier this year, Feucht joined other evangelicals, including many from Bethel Church, for a photo op with President Trump at the White House. Patrick Archer of the  Facebook group, “Investigating Bethel Redding CA” posted a message on the group’s page that he said he’d emailed to Redding’s Police Chief, Bill Schueller. Independent online journalist Doni Chamberlain founded what’s now known as anewscafe.com in 2007 with her son, Joe Domke. Notably missing: masks and attempts at social distancing. he said in a tweet Monday. I’m having deja vu all over again, because this Let Us Worship event reminds me a lot of the Mother’s Day Cottonwood Rodeo, granted permission by our unbelievable Sheriff Eric Magrini. But the nation’s capital has a promising 2 percent positive rate in Phase 2 of the city’s reopening plan, which prohibits gatherings of over 50 people and encourages residents to work from home. Do you appreciate posts like this? Grace Bouwer, a Charleston resident who once lived in the nation’s capital, told The Daily Beast it was “incredibly frustrating to see” Feucht’s mass services go on like this. It was free to the public, led by a pastor and they even performed impromptu baptisms. Bethel Church’s official stance is that it did not sanction the Wednesday night Sundial Bridge event. "From the pictures I saw online, good Lord, did you see people wearing masks? Of course it would be popular. From the Turtle Bay Museum side of the Sundial Bridge, the crowd could be seen below the bridge, up the hillside, and flanking both sides of the bridge. I’m pointing out the absurdity of allowing a potential virus-spewing COVID-carrying train wreck of a mass gathering to happen in the center of Redding when California counties are struggling to stay off the governor’s watch list for further restrictions and closures.

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