list of research problems

The general topic is differences in patients’ complaints about pain medications. A problem statement is presented early and often begins with the first sentence after the abstract. Try to find a single question that unites all the subcategories. If there is not a single question unifying them, you may need multiple rounds of market research, each with its own problem statement, to address each subcategory individually. Researchers often communicate information about their approach through their choice of verbs. This statement indicates that the group under study is rural parents with children aged 9 to 13 years and the central phenomenon is the parent’s decision making about vaccinations within the context of their spirituality and religious beliefs. Compile a list of all the questions your marketing staff or researchers have relating to a specific topic or situation. You may need to alter your focus or refine your research problem once data collection is underway. Research questions are the specific queries researchers want to answer. Background: What is the nature of the problem, or the context of the situation, that readers need to understand? Open research is qualitative and helps you understand a phenomenon, opinion, or set of behaviors. You may be asked to identify your research problem from a list of allowable topics, such as, "How have ethical concerns affected the sourcing of materials in the jewelry industry?" Table 6.1 presents a simplified problem statement related to the topic of side effects of chemotherapy. Theories from nursing and other disciplines sometimes suggest a research problem. Researchers often begin with interests in a broad topic area and then develop a more specific researchable problem. This second draft builds a more compelling argument for new research: Millions of people are affected by cancer, and the disease has adverse consequences not only for patients and their families but also for society. Box 6.1   Draft Problem Statement on Humor and Stress. Sizeable numbers of patients who receive a cancer diagnosis describe feelings of uncertainty, fear, anger, and loss of control (citations). Problem statements for a qualitative study similarly express the nature of the problem, its context, its scope, and information needed to address it. R.S Woodworth: “A problem is a situation for which we have no ready made solution”. Research Problem. Example of a problem source for a quantitative study. The nurse may then observe that the ethnic background of the patients and nurses could be relevant. This problem statement is a reasonable draft, but it could be improved. The Balance Small Business uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. These terms are not always consistently defined in research textbooks. Researchers who make specific predictions about answers to research questions pose hypotheses that are then tested.

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