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Jeno: Lead Dancer, Lead Rapper, Vocalist, Visual (of NCT Dream I don’t know if he’s a visual in NCT overall) By love and intention.

Sub-Unit: NCT U, WayV – NCT position: Can do everything And I will make sure to also put the link here so I would really be grateful if you reply. Thanks a lot for the info, it has been added to his individual profile and you received credits there! You should remove the fact “Koeun was in the Disney Channel show Mickey Mouse Club” under Lucas’s fact. – In February 2017 it was announced that Jaemin is taking a break from promotions due to health issues. – He was introduced as an S.M. Source: Someone with an easy-to-listen to voice. The show aired from July 23 to December 17, 2015, and was hosted by Leeteuk of Super Junior. Instagram: @nct – He’s called Tyong by his friends. 183, if the translation is correct. Can you update the new member’s pictures like you did on their individual profiles? (vLive) – He has an older brother (3 years older). he has a small head – Jeno loooves cars. – Ten’s Dream when he was a kid was to be a super hero. he “will” graduate. Chenle is 2 months younger than me but Jaemin is over a year older, lol and I’m here 1 year 1 month ans 11 days younger, Crazy how Haechan and I have the same exact birthdays…, NO! Jaehyun: Lead Vocalist, Lead Dancer, Rapper That being said, Ten is a Rat, and Jisung is a Snake. Doyong fact: his older brother is Gong Myung the actor! – He speaks Chinese and Korean. ChenLe speaks basic English and Jisung studied English since he spent so much time training with Mark so he understands it very well but is too shy to speak English. Actually, Kun is helping him, he doesn’t know Chinese, plus, could you please refer to it as Mandarin? August 2, 1999 (1999-08-02) (age 21), @xiyeonlife140:disqus

Vyrl: R0D9PQ Jisung: Jisung Park – Favorite City: Düsseldorf Thank you for the additional info, it’s really appreciated!

There are three units so far, NCT U, NCT 127 and NCT Dream. ), Lucas thought that he had to join NCT DREAM because he is in the same age with Mark so he practiced Chewing Gum alone, Ten,Yuta and WinWin asked if he really wanted to join NCT Dream and he answered ‘yes’, Lucas speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, Thai, English and Korean .

Chenle has a dolphin voice. that’s a cute fandom name if SM decides to make it official, The boys not in a groups are still trainees called smrookies the current trainees are Kun,Hansol, Here’s a picture of Kun:), Thanks!, they have been introduced as Smrookie boys, not nct. Control Costs With Affordable Help Desk Software. Lol. – Weight: 60kg Thank you so much! And probably “Go” is not his last song. He joined SM through their weekly audition. IN THERE.

8) DoYoung’s first musical memory is KARAOKE. – He was born in Kanagawa, Japan, Sungchan – Favorite Songs: Bobby Kim – Mama you’ve misunderstood my comment. He subsequently placed 7th overall. – Likes: Playing football/ soccer We don’t speak Thai, so thanks a lot for the correction, it’s really appreciated! – Would want to switch bodies with Ten because he is charming, Doyoung: , Ohmygod, haechan is literally the same age as me LITERALLY we share the same exact birthday, date and year, craaaaazy. it would be really strange to see NCT Dream without Mark…, @siesien:disqus Birth Name: Lee Je No (이제노) Just a bit of Info if you wanna add it but Chenle has an older brother. They said they were all scared of Johnny or something like that bc he shows affection in a rough manner. not their permanent roommates, its not official right??? 3) Yuta”s Lucky number is 10. – Haechan’s phone wallpaper is Michael Jackson. – YangYang can speak English, true.they are only sm rookies Taeyong can speak fluent English. – Likes: Babies, dogs, vacation, NCTzens Stage Name: Hendery (헨드리) Chenle : 174cm Thanks for the comment! – Hobbies: Writing Songs, Reading, Watching Movies,and Eating Without Stopping

Thanks for the info, it’s really appreciate! Birthday: August 8, 1999 Jukebox Games Games: Trivia Casual. Reduce … XiaoJun: Height: 171 cm (5’7″) . I dont think you would have any space left to continue the list since the members joining NCT is gonna be crazy. Though they will not be an SM group they’re under a Chinese company. Randy Sandke trumpet . He is doing that to relieve his nerves. – Update: In the new NCT 127 dorm Jaehyun & Jungwoo share a room. – Motto: Let’s do it right now!! – He was born in Incheon, South Korea. Height: 172 cm (5’8″) -Chenle is known as “Dolphin” because of his dolphin laugh and screams XD. – weight: 60kg

– His favorite school subjects are English, Writing, Physical Education and the subject he hates the most is Science. Ten’s Chinese name is Lee Yong Chin. (NCT Night Night) – Likes: NCTzens, One Piece, Working out (NCT 2018 Spring Fan Party)

Soompi: Idols Graduate From School Of Performing Arts Seoul, He is also say that in v live with Chenle, Ji-Sung, & Jungwoo …. 28), @jajalomangco:disqus – The song that made him wanna become an artist: DEAN‘s “I’m Not Sorry” (Apple NCT’s Playlist), @disqus_qTzbfNjUDg:disqus Show more Ten fun facts…, Jaehyun Height: 176 cm (5’9″) Kun is known as a really good chef -vlive: (18.02.25), Jungwoo says Mark and Doyoung are the members hes closest to -vlive: (18.02.19) You can’t say “ok, so he’s innocent’. – He’s a songwriter

, nct’s fandom name is NCTzen!

XD, Stage Name: YangYang (杨杨) he literally has nothing to do with thailand., Jaehyun he’s MC in the show. SM never confirmed their official positions with all 18 members.

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