moon goddess names

I mean, Zeus had other lays, but I’m pretty sure Juno was his only wife. Saranya is a Hindu female deity. This moon is sometimes also referred to as the Frosty Moon.
According to, Luna's name comes from the Latin word, lucere, which means, "to shine."

Roman 1st-2nd century AD copy of a Greek original by Leochartes, 325 BC, The Louvre, Paris, Like Minerva, Diana was a virgin goddess whose skills extended across multiple domains.

[72], According to a certain Epigenes,[73] the three Moirai, or Fates, were regarded in the Orphic tradition as representing the three divisions of Selene, "the thirtieth and the fifteenth and the first" (i.e.

Like. 970–971; Burkert 1991, p. 176, This Epigenes has been tentatively identified with, Online version at the Perseus Digital Library, Dictionary of Greek and Roman Biography and Mythology,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles having different image on Wikidata and Wikipedia, Articles containing Ancient Greek (to 1453)-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from April 2013, Wikipedia articles incorporating a citation from the 1911 Encyclopaedia Britannica with Wikisource reference, Wikipedia articles with SUDOC identifiers, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Cohen, Beth, "Outline as a Special Technique in Black- and Red-figure Vase-painting", in, Davidson, James, "Time and Greek Religion", in, Jones, Prudence H., "A Goddess Arrives: Nineteenth Century Sources of the New Age Triple Moon Goddess" in.

This name generator will give you 10 names fit for most gods and deities in many fantasy stories. The name has a Greek origin and in Greek, it means “Sea”. [52] In red-figure pottery before the early 5th century BC, she is depicted only as a bust, or in profile against a lunar disk.

It is even more popular in parts of Europe, such as England and and Wales. Indeed, some sources cite her as a goddess of beauty, not unlike Venus. With a beautiful Italian origin, the meaning of the name Bianca is “Shining” or “white”.

Ezili, pronounced eh-ZEE-lee,  has origins in Africa, and specifically tied to voodoo origins in Haiti. Before Elizabeth II, Queen Victoria was the United Kingdom’s longest-serving monarch, and under her the British Empire expanded to an incredible size, proving that her name was entirely appropriate.

Her mythology is filled with stories of anger and punishment, as she sought out Jupiter’s many mistresses and took her revenge.

The tradition was that a newborn's grandmother would bury the afterbirth near a river, where it would be collected by Anjea and held until it was time to make a baby from the mud and place it into another woman's womb. [24], However, Apollodorus says that because of Endymion's "surpassing beauty, the Moon fell in love with him, and Zeus allowed him to choose what he would, and he chose to sleep for ever, remaining deathless and ageless".

Others call it the Oak Moon, named after the sacred tree of the Druids which withstands winter storms.

Antheia - Goddess of gardens, flowers, swamps, and marshes. Pregnancy and parenting news, given to you in a way nobody else has.

A goddess with such a lovely realm would naturally fit a baby with a sunny disposition. Therefore, choosing a beautiful name that means the moon is a wonderful idea. Detail of Artemis with a Doe, also called Diana of Versailles, Roman 1st-2nd century AD copy of a Greek original by Leochartes, 325 BC, The Louvre, Paris. A name with an Arabic or Urdu origin, the meaning of the name is “Quarter moon”.

When he accidentally swallowed the last three drops, he was transformed into a bard and grew very wise. Boann is a pretty rare name and could also work well as a middle name, if a family felt it too unusual for a first name. It is the name of the Greek Goddess of hunting and moon and the daughter of Zeus.

Today's parents have particular concerns when choosing a moniker for a daughter.

Disney’s Princess Aurora, ‘Sleeping Beauty’ with a Floral background for ‘Flora’. Zodiac Print of the ancient Roman goddess Maia. This is one of the few names that was universal to all Algonquin tribes.

Hammond, "SELENE", pp. Achelois - One of the moon goddesses. When the sun was in Leo, the worts (from the Anglo-Saxon wyrt plant) were gathered to be dried and stored.

The Roman variation is “Diana”. This list of names is sure to help you find unique names that will definitely suit your little one. Surprisingly, the name Juno was given to more boys than girls in 2007.

With a beautiful Hebrew and Turkish origin, the name Ayla has a meaning “Halo” or “Moonlight”. Her equivalent in Greek mythology is known as the goddess Selene (Selena), daughter of the Greek Titans Hyperion and Theia. Zemyna can be pronounced zee-MEE-nah, or some other way that works for her parents. the crescent moon, full moon, and dark moon, as delinted by the divisions of the calendar month). The multifaceted virgin goddess predominated over music, learning, poetry, medicine, defensive warfare, weaving, and crafts.
Kades is an ancient Canaanite goddess, usually shown holding a snake and standing on a lion. You are sure to find the perfect name for your little bundle of joy. Canaanites were later called Phoenicians and were famed for their purple cloth and possibly the earliest alphabet. She is also the protector of night travelers.

Inanna is one of the oldest goddesses, dating back to the Sumerian culture and mentioned in the epic ancient text of Gilgamesh. Athena is the daughter of Zeus.

Maia was also the mother of Mercury, and just as her son was worshipped by merchants hoping that he might increase their profits, so Maia was believed to promote growth and prosperity.

Other meaning includes “Smooth” and “Shiny” and is a very popular choice. Kades could be pronounced KAY-dis, KAY-dees or KAH-diz, or KAYDZ. [10], Philologist Max Müller's interpretation of solar mythology as it related to Selene and Endymion concluded that the myth was a narrativized version of linguistic terminology. Kianda could be paired with a simple middle name like Grace, Leigh or Brooke. Interestingly, there was a surge in the use of the Russian version after the Revolution, due to the importance of the cruiser Aurora in the action: it was a shot from the deck of the ship that signaled the storming of the Winter Palace. I've also given all of the names a title, like god of war.

It is pronounced "ee-Nah-nah.".

Many consider the Blue Moon to be a goal moon where you set specific goals for yourself.

All rights reserved. In fact, that same year 11 boys were given the name Diana in the United States… Today, it maintains a strong prominence in popular culture, historical awareness, and contemporary trends, with 1605 girls named Diana in 2018. Moon-themed baby names also include names of moons on other planets in the solar system, such as Ophelia and Titan.

Caillech is associated with different geographical features of the island and is considered supremely powerful. Do You Consider Wildfire & Flood Risk When Purchasing A New Family Home. Like Diana Ross.” The year after the film was released, the number of girls named Juno doubled and continued to increase slowly in popularity, peaking in 2011. For some people, chilling illustrations are a reality check—a reminder that life is not... Famed for their beauty, passion, and power. Her mythology is filled with stories of anger and punishment, as she sought out Jupiter’s.

Actress Ellen Page portrays a pregnant teenager named Juno, who explains that “My dad went through this phase where he was obsessed with Greek and Roman mythology. She joined her father, Jupiter, and her step-mother, Juno, as a member of the Capitoline Triad, the three deities associated with the elite and worshipped most elaborately atop Rome’s Capitoline hill. Fauna. She joined her father, Jupiter, and her step-mother, Juno, as a member of the Capitoline Triad, the three deities associated with the elite and worshipped most elaborately atop Rome’s Capitoline hill. Inanna was the goddess of war and fertility amongst other things. The meaning of the name is “Moon water” and is a pretty option for your little baby girl.

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