party favor ideas for baby shower

You could absolutely make these yourself if you are on a budget – here’s an easy recipe. Why shop for ordinary baby shower supplies when you can create your own special touches? Line a cake platter with your creations and place them out just before the end of the shower. Share on Facebook - Advertisement - Popular Stories. Bundle together all your favorite homemade scrubs and bath salts into a spa-worthy kit. Wrap up with rustic twine and create a small note card with its scent and ingredients. Color can make or break the ambience of a space. Display your guests’ names on stickers at the front of the cup to guide them to their seats. For a great last-minute favor idea, head to the store and purchase several large floral arrangements. Looking for a “unique baby shower favor?” This is it. Bake or buy cookies, and pack them into a mason jar. When guests attend a baby shower, they do expect to receive a baby shower favor. {found on HubPages}, Do you made your own beauty products? Looking for a way to send guests home with a tasty slice of baby shower cake? As for the tags, you could either make them yourself on cardstock paper and use a regular paper punch to punch holes for the string. Whatever you choose, these favors are sure to end your baby shower on a loving note. Need the perfect holiday baby shower gift? They are already potted, so all you may want to do is add a little ribbon and a tag to them. Click here for the complete recipes for chili lime salt, vanilla salt, sriracha salt and rosemary lemon salt. You’re in luck! Written by Shutterfly Community Last Updated: Apr 24, 2019. Choose a message or design to frame inside this glass catch all tray and wrap up for all your guests to take home after your gathering. Combine chocolate rice puffs with melted chocolate and peanut butter. Honey is a “sweet” favor to offer and it fits into at least 3 baby shower themes: For a complete tutorial on how to create this honey “hunny” favor, check out this helpful post. The above image has brown kraft paper but you could do wrapping paper or scrapbook paper too. But don’t stress, you can buy store bought jam and stuff these little cuties too. size is 4-3/4 x 6-3/4")...Please note Candy is NOT included). Your friends and family members are real “gems” for playing such an important role in welcoming your new baby. Martha Stewart may receive compensation when you click through and purchase from links contained on Close up the jar with a piece of ribbon and label with your baby’s initials, the party date or a thank you message. Do your friends love to gather for game night? Candy apples might just be perfect. No matter what you need for your baby shower, Oriental Trading has it. This is a DIY soy candle. Send your new baby on an adventure of their own in a personalized storybook. Add a decorative cookie to the front of a homemade brownie and attach a popsicle stick for easy eating. Buy a bunch of glassine bags, and snip the tops with scalloped scissors. Your daily dose of crafts, recipes, beauty, fashion, living tips and home guides. 25 DIY Baby Shower Party Favors. Guests can reminisce about your shower all year round with these photo magnets on their kitchen fridge. Subtle white ink on brown kraft paper offers a casual sophistication to these Middy Bitty Bags! How adorable! These are premade gift boxes that you fold to assemble, so it’s quite easy to put together. A2 size invitations or cards fit just right. For a rustic baby shower, try handing out trail mix in jars decorated with a classic gingham fabric. Once it hardens, fill with soil and succulents, then line your table with the planters to thank your guests. You can get them in all kinds of colors, or a specific color to match your baby shower theme color. This stunning WHIMSICAL CHIC BABY SHOWER was submitted by Liza Naguib Dess Art Designs. Here’s what you could add to your mason jars: If your family has great recipes, you could put together a little mini recipe book. If you’re looking for more of a gender-neutral baby shower favor, check out these adorable botanical themed lip balms from the Etsy store Party Favors By Design starting at $10 and they come … Giving party favors that your guests can actually use is always a good idea. You could also use fun. Choose from a collection of festively shaped metal plate ornaments and print a photo or photo collage to display on the tree. Take a break whenever you can get one! Choose the ones that best display your crafting, baking and artistic skills or personalize to your baby shower theme. Candy Jars. You could also box your candies up and add a bit of decoration to the boxes. What's a party without treats? Everyone needs a quality toiletry travel bag or small clutch for holding odds and ends. Then, tie fun ribbons around your treats. spices, crushed peppermint, espresso powder), “I’m just a baby, watch me grow. Dreamsicles . Explore the best in fall perennials and start planning your autumn garden's layout. Celebrate with a playful pink color scheme throughout your baby shower favors. Pick a party favor that mimics your baby shower theme. Paint the base of each glass and add each guest’s name in permanent marker. You could buy everything pre-made – like the image above, or you could totally do it yourself. Grab the momma-to-be and have an afternoon of fun rummaging and creating these cuties. 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