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A spokesperson for PES agreed. Later that week, on June 26, Hilco Redevelopment Partners closed on the sale of this sprawling 1,400 acre refinery complex in the heart of one of the nation’s largest cities. “The refinery is the single-largest source of particulate emissions in the city and alone accounts for nearly 16 percent of Philadelphia’s carbon footprint, not including the fossil fuel products exported off-site,” reads the document, which is under review. Then, five years later, her husband Ray was diagnosed with cancer, she said. What happens next, now that the refinery’s future seems wide open? First, Philadelphia Energy Solutions and buyer Hilco Redevelopment Partners have to meet several legal obligations before the sale can close. “Around the corner, down the street. At the same time, the legacy contamination on the site will need to be cleaned up. On Monday, June 22, as Black Lives Matter protests continued nationwide, members of Philly Thrive, a local grassroots group, arrived outside the “My grandmother was raised here too, she told me all about the refinery.”, “I watched my neighbors die. Philly Thrive's Carol Hemingway, age 70, first began opposing the refinery when she began connecting the dots between that pollution and the impacts she saw in her community. “For the seniors, for the children, for all of us who are involved, it would be a blessing to see some changes.”. Her 14-year old son has asthma and carries an inhaler with him at all times. “When we smelled the smell, it was like, ‘go get the blankets, go put the stuff down, make sure the windows are shut.’”. Philadelphia proposes banning hydrofluoric acid, toxic chemical in refinery explosion. Some mornings, she can’t keep her windows open for long without smelling something akin to sulfur or gas. She blames it on the refinery but says she’ll never move out of her neighborhood. Damage from the June 21 fire that resulted led to closure of the complex, the company’s bankruptcy, and a planned sale of the 1,300-acre property. In 2012, the private equity group Carlyle and Energy Transfer Partners rescued the refinery from bankruptcy in a deal supported by a state taxpayer-funded package. It included a tax-free zone, more than $25 million in grants and environmental liability waivers. But even as PES moves toward financial sustainability, neighbors like Thompson say the refinery isn’t doing enough to reduce its environmental impact locally. Zalaka Thompson lives less than a mile from the largest oil refinery on the East Coast, which turns crude oil from the Bakken Shale formation in North Dakota into gasoline. In accordance with the contracted sale of the former Sunoco, Inc. Point Breeze Philadelphia Refinery to Philadelphia Energy Solutions Refining and Marketing, LLC., Sunoco retains all environmental liabilities for past environmental issues through September 8, 2012. Hilco has made moves to ensure that the site can still be used to store fossil fuels. Alexa Ross, a 27-year-old staff organizer at Philly Thrive, noted that the EPA labeled PES a high-priority violater since April 2012, and says hasn’t complied with the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act. In June, as negotiations over the buying price intensified, the company said it had learned that a pipeline easement had expired and that it had sprinted to negotiate new approvals, ensuring that the refinery’s tank farms would still have routes to transport fossil fuels in and out for storage. While methane is a potent greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change, it is not a public health threat like VOCs. “The refinery is on the same emission scale as all of the Marcellus Shale activities, which are spread out over a much larger geographic area with lower population density,” DeCarlo said. WHYY connects you to your community and the world by delivering reliable information and worthwhile entertainment. 1A's goal is to act as a national mirror-taking time to help America look at itself and to ask what it wants to be. More than 9 percent of the total reported toxic releases in South Philadelphia that year were just one chemical: benzene. “Even though Philly has this incredibly high asthma rate and the refinery breaks environmental regulations all the time, there’s a lot of [political] will in the city to keep the refinery open.”. Some of his former coworkers are not pleased. “It means something to me. We didn’t have the money. Read their reports on this site, and hear them on public radio stations across Pennsylvania. “It means the work we made was heard,” Thompson said about the city’s decision. They were all being erased.”, “A lot of us are what you call poor people and we don’t have the resources, the money to fight. Act 2 is part of Pennsylvania’s “land recycling” program, which aims to encourage voluntary cleanup of polluted sites. We will not allow another company to come in here and do what they did.”, The PES refinery was built long before the nation’s cornerstone environmental laws were written — and it consistently flouted the rules once they were on the books.

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