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That the players overcame all expectations and played in the closest Overwatch League Grand Finals to date. Designed and Developed by, Steelers Clash With The Titans Results in…, Champions League Group Stage: Surprises on Matchday…, Los Angeles Gladiators Release Tank LhCloudy, Three out of the Four LPL Teams Advance to Worlds Quarter-Finals, Overwatch Patch – Competitive Analysis, 5 Questions Tiger Nation has in the Offseason, NFL Draft Prospects to Watch in College Football Week 9, Odell Beckham Jr. It showed good Overwatch on both sides and had unexpected turns throughout the whole series. Though they found success in the later half of the season, at the beginning did have struggles. The Seoul Dynasty have a lot to be proud about. That’s what the Overwatch League fans have been used to for the last two Overwatch League Grand Finals. Here’s how Sunday’s sweep went down: Coming into this match, the biggest question was whether the Excelsior would be able to adequately mirror the Dynasty’s Roadhog compositions. The winning team that fought through the lower brackets to win it all. The 2020 Overwatch League Grand Finals were perhaps the most exciting in the game's history. Orisa. There weren’t adjustments to the perfectly planned-out narratives when it was being told to the fans. If anything, the Shanghai Dragons were eliminated by a team that played more around their Roadhog directly in the Seoul Dynasty rather than their own approach of facilitating their remarkable DPS line. Seoul had almost reverse swept the Shock. Just look at how much the Los Angeles Gladiators switch up their strategies and compositions mid-game. Not only did they win the map, they full held the Shock, and on defense, they pulled out Genji of all heroes and was successful. He of course hits the head shot on Ark’s Lucio and Seoul — now with a Lucio of their own — dives in off of the pick. FITS was especially dominant in the Sombra matchup, even hacking Haksal out of his EMP a couple of times. Four players will compete in a 1v1 single-elimination tournament to determine the greatest Genji. Man these Dynasty skins match the gold gun so well, everybody is gonna be using them. Given the high ground that Fleta can have, the low cooldown grappling hook for escape, and the fact that Seoul has a Mercy, it’s almost impossible for a Tracer to deal with a Widow on her own. And lastly, they relied far too much on picks from either Fleta or Jehong, leaving Munchkin’s Tracer left to just help tanks out and look for already weak targets. I submitted Genji, didn’t see your comment till afterwards lol. That was what Scott ‘Custa’ Kennedy said on broadcast. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Park “Profit” Joon-yeong stepped up with a surprise Genji pick, and with clutch Nanoblades, managed to hold SF to a full 3-0 hold. It’s very hard to get to a Widowmaker on Ruins once her team has the point. Earning One’s Stripes. It is hard to distinguish whether the term ‘dark horse’ is a backhanded compliment or polite insult. What Seoul didn’t expect was how safe and strategic New York would play and how little Fleta would do in the few openings he got. Seoul’s recent run should have the other three grand finalists worried, since the Dynasty seems to not only have the personnel to dominate the meta, but have the best understanding of it out of each team left in championship contention. Infrasight is great but it’s not guaranteed to lead to kills, so Seoul has to rely more on Fleta’s mechanical skill. Every moment and every pick that New York gets puts more pressure and odds against Fleta’s Widow. Knowing this, Seoul built their comp around peel. Genji Skills Challenge. The doubters came out in a storm. They surprised everyone by taking one of the Dragon’s best maps off of them. The terrifying team of the Shanghai Dragons lost, and it was bittersweet for Seoul fans. Zunba’s D.Va peels quickly for Fleta and kills the Genji. I don’t know if it was miscommunication or panic but their Winston makes a bad dive toward Fleta and gets punished for the obvious mistake and Seoul cleans up from there. Instead of collapsing the entire team onto them, Seoul sends only their D.Va who can’t do anything against Saebyeolbe’s sticky. The Role of Personality in a Video Game Protagonist, Why Now Is As Good A Time As Any To Break Out Those Retro Consoles, I Revisited Captain Tsubasa Vol. Smarter teams like New York will find that weakness, exploit it, and win every time. Not only did they win the map, they full held the Shock, and on defense, they pulled out Genji of all heroes and was successful. If you can, send me other heroes and we can add em here too. Because of how passive Seoul plays and how decisive the fights are, he has no time to really charge it up. liquipedia ... Genji Hanzo Zarya D.Va Soldier: 76 10.00 10.00 10.00 6.00 6.00 6.00 6.00 Achievements . With the brackets in shambles, it was only fitting to move on reversing what was said previously and compare them to the Washington Justice. From Overwatch Wiki.

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