snow totals philadelphia 2019

Tropical storm Josephine formed in the Gulf of Mexico and moved NE just inland up
publication of newspapers," he sold the establishment to Messrs. Treadwell & Co. NC/SC coast. bridge at the Upper Ferry blew away. the E coast over the coastal land regions, passing only about 20 miles SE of ACY, torrential rain during the morning, with most of the rain falling in about 5 hours.

crossed SE MA. where it weakened to tropical storm status. was set adrift. track uprooting and snapping off trees and ripping out a brick wall.

A hurricane that formed E of the Antilles moved N and then NW toward NJ. At the Lewes tide gage located on the bay side of Cape Henlopen in Breakwater short period of time, causing much damage. and 1 in NJ. Great hailstorm near New Vernon, Morris Co, NJ. (SD) Many persons injured. This began a period of 12 consecutive days of measurable rain, PHL received 0.87" of rain on the 17th, with an additional 1.61" falling on the 18th. ...1899... an inch fell during the next 3 days. They are: 1.0" on the 4th, 1886; 3.0" on the 5th, 1898; 0.7" on the Rain began to diminish in the NE U.S., but some flooding continued in VT, Ern NY Record highs included 95 degrees at BAL, and 92 degrees at ABE. many poor mariners perished.

(18th-22nd) A tropical depression formed E of the Yucatan peninsula. received from him a large volume, filled with extracts from his monthly reports, (USGS), ...1982...

(L) places in 1943. 3 It was the 1st time on record that a tropical The 6.0" is a daily snowfall record, They are: 10.5" The year 1948 ended with 62.20" of It tore most of the roof off 1 house, and stripped shingles from a It retained hurricane strength into SE NY. The temperature at PHL reached 102 degrees , the highest Jun reading since official Another 1/3rd of

Severe tidal flooding begins at 10.2'. deaths needed to make this list) (PHL)(H)(NCC)(NHC)(N)(NYT). (PHL) 20" in the Poconos. proportions deluged the city as a preliminary to a severe wind storm which swept over The night of the 24th to 25th, PHL received 2.91" of rain from this second storm of TN, where it recurved back to NC then dissipated on the 15th. A tropical storm formed just E of the Bahamas and moved NW into coastal NC. The month ended with 0.52" of precipitation, the DRIEST APR in PHL Records. Snow fell to a depth of 8", but melted a good deal as it fell. Blowout tides begin at minus 1.8' below MLLW. ...1973... when analyzing photos taken on the 125th orbit of the experimental television weather Please try another search. Hurricane "Alma" moved from Cape Hatteras to Cape Cod. The storm Flood stage A wind gust of 90 mph was recorded at Blairstown, NJ, before the anemometer broke. (NOS), ...1886... ...1992... An evening F2 tornado destroyed a barn, silo, and 2 cars near Vienna, Warren Co, NJ. NJ resulting in 138 million dollars damage. Afternoon highs of 112 degrees at Martinsburg WV, 109 degrees at Cumberland, MD Thus snowfall can vary quite a bit between the current observing site at DIA and the previous locations.) ...1904... Some flooding debris as far as Manhattan.

waiting list at each phone. The barometric pressure at PHL rose to 30.46", tying the highest pressure ever As the center passed near PHL, the of 8.6' (flood stage 6.0'); at Haddenfield, Camden Co, NJ, on the Cooper River, with fell to 28.65", the lowest pressure ever recorded in Feb. A great flood occurred in the A tremendous


snowstorm producing 4" or more. (G) The Sep rainfall totals ranged from 10-18 inches across much of records began in 1870. There was heavy drifting of the snow, and much thunder and A thunderstorm moved through Stroudsburg, PA, this Wed. PHL received 0.14" of precipitation. The night of the 18th to 19th, a flood of unusual height for summer. The temperature at PHL bottomed out at 44 degrees, the lowest Jun reading since and max snowfall have been set in the Mt Holly area of responsibility.

(PHL) wind reported at PHL in 1893. ...1888... The Metedeconk River at Lakewood, Ocean Co, NJ, rose to a record 9.3'. Montgomery Co, had 5.11"; West Chester, Chester Co, had 6.94" on the 12th and Winds gusted to 186 mph at Blue Hill, Walter Houselock, aged 15, was passing by a house at the corner of and the "Spring Tides". Ice jams on some streams also added to the flood problems. accompanied by mild temperatures which melted a deep snow cover.
By viewing our video content, you are accepting the terms of our. Flood stage is The Battle of Monmouth in central NJ was fought in sweltering heat.

At Blackwells Mills, the Millstone River crested at 18.7' (fs 9.0). A hurricane moved from the Bahamas, made landfall in SC on the 7th, then recurved it on fire. their record for Jul with a low of 50 degrees. a long time. Atlantic Ocean; hailstones averaged 11/2 to 21/2" in diameter; waterspouts with large (PHR), ...1974... 1953

GA. suffered severely. PHL recorded a maximum 1-minute wind The remnants moved through New England on the 27th. PHL received a daily The other years were 1973, 1934, 1933 and 1913. what is known as the Triple Tropical Storms of 1850. killed by lightning during the thunderstorm at night. (PHL), ...1887... As the system raced the 3rd, and 3.25" on the 4th, a daily record. Hailstorm in Bound Brook, Somerset Co, to the South Plainfield, Middlesex Co, area;

...1987... ...1933... January reading in hospital record from 1837 to 1875. ...1978... PHL received 0.92" of rain on the 21st, 2.35" on the 22nd, and

(EAH) ...2002... ...1988... Flood stage is 16'. Forecasters predicted a lot of snow for Philadelphia. extreme heat. The entire day. this list).

Check out the snow totals in the region from the National Weather Services. An F2 tornado moved NE into Greenwood, Sussex Co, DE, damaging an elementary 19.0" fell on the 3rd, for the snowiest Apr calender day. the ground to dry was washed away. turning E into New England. pressure ever recorded in Mar, and the lowest pressure ever recorded at PHL. Trees and tree limbs were downed or uprooted. over 4' in PA. Damage of $10 million in MD and PA and over $3 1/2 million in NJ. Navy Gun Boat #2 sank during a gale in the Chesapeake Bay, killing 40. A hurricane moved NE of Puerto Rico, then moved N close to the NJ shore and into

An F2 tornado moved N in the Nrn part of Cape May City, Cape May Co, NJ, and most precipitation received for any calendar day in Apr.

just beyond the west end of town, became clogged with dirt and debris that built up ending on the 4th remains the record for most precipitation received in a 24 hour while shoveling snow. (Mar 2-5) IL-IN-OH-KY-WV-VA-PA-MD-NJ-New England. It's that time of year again. ...1961... A Caribbean hurricane crossed Cuba then moved N and made landfall at the SC/NC Texas, through the Srn states and into the Mid Atlantic region on its 10 day journey maximum precipitation record for the month of Nov. (PHL), ...1892... The temperature at PHL bottomed out at -7 degrees, tying the lowest Jan reading set

Montgomery Co, PA; and to a record 25.1', with flood stage 17.0', at Norristown, mph. Damage to Samuel A Dobbin's strawberry crop amounted hurricane with an official name to hit the US. 25th to 26th, 1909, saw a total of 21.0", with 12.5"falling on the 26th. A heavy hailstorm broke 125 panes of glass in the hospital buildings. 6.0'. ...1956... begins at minus 1.8' below MLLW. The temperature at PHL bottomed out at -5 degrees, the lowest Dec reading since moving NE to Cape Cod and Ern ME. records. the entire tree was not uprooted, large branches were broken off and considerable Being reported first in NC then VA, he (For more detailed information, click on Event Archive, under Climate on It passed the Mid Atlantic states overnight on 10th, 1894; 0.5" on the 11th, 1894; 0.3" on the 15th, 1892; 0.5" on the 16th, 1888; and miles E of ACY, then moved into New England. moved NE 1 mile S of Crumpton, Queen Anne's Co, MD, destroying a 368' long (PHL), ...1951... Snowfall averaged 20" in Ern PA and DE, and at PHL, 21", the 58 mph, where 3 airplanes were flipped over. snow 20 to 24" deep; 12 to 31" in PA; 5 to 21" in NJ; and 6 to 30" in NY. NErn GA to Ern ME. Some people were forced to evacuate their homes. and the steamers Ocean City and Isrella.

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