takeshi no chousenjou english rom

], and other rom codes mean. Takeshi no Chousenjou [Japan] rom for Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) and play Takeshi no Chousenjou [Japan] on your devices windows pc , mac ,ios and android! ROM / ISO Information: Takeshi no Chousenjou (Japan).nes - NOINTRO 69.0 KB. Takeshi no Chousenjou (1986) (J) Filename: Takeshi no Chousenjou (1986) (J).zip learn what (U), [!

The game made the player do ridiculous actions like singing for an hour or holding a button for four hours straight. Takeshi no Chousenjou (Japan) 1,680 0 0 0 Takeshi's Challenge is a video game created by famous Japanese comedian and madman Takeshi Kitano, who claimed to hate video games.

Download Takeshi no Chousenjou ROM for Nintendo (NES) from Rom Hustler. Takeshi no Chosenjo, frequently translated as Takeshi's Challenge, is a Japanese action-adventure video game for the Family Computer (known internationally as the Nintendo Entertainment System) developed by the Taito Corporation. 100% Fast Download. Download This Rom.

NES. Share your rom collection … It was tested on the 1986 release of the game, but the 1990 version should be compatible. 1-terrible; 2-bad; 3-ok; 4-good; 5-amazing; Register now and enjoy: Ad-free browsing; Rom recommendations tailored to you (the more roms you rate or add to your collection, the better the recommendations become). Takeshi no Chousenjou (loosely translated to "Written Challenge of Takeshi", known in-game as Chousenjou FROM BEAT TAKESHI, and better known outside of Japan as Takeshi's Challenge) is a comedic action-adventure side-scrolling platformer developed and published by Taito for the Family Computer exclusively in Japan on December 10, 1986. Get nflate and expand the PRG-ROM to 256KB (there’s no CHR-ROM).

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