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In the run-up to the merger, company executives floated that $300 million in savings in the first year will be required to make the deal work. The deal will create one of the largest newspaper companies in the nation, according to Washington Business Journal. But what will be the political/ideological ‘slant’ of GateHouse Media and its ‘stall’ of newspapers, including Tennessee newspapers? © 2020 The Tennessean’s former headquarters in Nashville. The Tennessean, the state’s largest newspaper, is investigating how a blatantly Islamophobic full-page ad by a right-wing fringe group managed to find its way into print. An internal investigation found that three advertising staff members had the opportunity to review an anti-Muslim ad before it published in the paper. Submit. Gannett daily The Tennessean is still running with a number of open positions, including the investigative slot vacated by Dave Boucher a year ago and the general assignment/Metro slot vacated by Nate Rau last month. “The ad is horrific and is utterly indefensible in all circumstances. We are a collection of more than 80 news publications from across the country that provide dynamic, engaging content, relevant to readers of all ages. Show full articles without "Continue Reading" button for {0} hours. Goodwill Industries of Middle Tennessee Inc. Project: New Skills for the New Workplace. The funds they raise will complement the grants they receive. The new company, meanwhile, is pinning its revenue hopes on being a lead generator, or providing customers to businesses similar to sites like Angie’s List. The Tennessee titles are: Gannett and GateHouse share similarities in buying up local newspapers as well as moving local jobs such as newspaper design into regional or national “hubs” that consolidate jobs. Terms of use | Cookie policy | Privacy policy | Your California privacy rights/privacy policy, Your California privacy rights/privacy policy. As an award-winning news organization, we inform and empower our communities. And one of the most bewildering things to me is why our elected public officials have been so afraid of them? Commenters bemoaned the depths a newspaper would sink to in order to accept an ad they characterized as “hateful propaganda” and wondered whether the pontiff had okayed the use of his image. Email. ‘go under for the third time.’ The damage that these publications have done to our State and to our nation over the years is incalculable. Nashville Launch Pad, which serves homeless youth, received a $100,000 grant. Each organization in the running is being asked to crowdsource funding as part of the grant competition.

Welcome to Gannett Media Education, the premier source for news and educational resources for use in the classroom. “Additional information has come to light that indicates that of the two people in the same/similar position, [name redacted] is a more effective editor and works the publications and community with the highest audience potential,” he wrote. Support them through A Community Thrives by giving here. The Nashville Scene in August 2017 reported on the fate of Nashville’s design studio: Gannett will shut its Nashville design studio and move the production work of its Southeast newspapers to other hubs around the country. Gannett has a history of fourth-quarter layoffs, including here in Nashville. Not everyone in the newspaper community was surprised. Michael Anastasi is in charge of the Gannett papers in Tennessee and Florida, and one of the people responsible for making those plans. In places like Florida and Ohio, where there is significant overlap between the two companies, expect them to — in the parlance of private equity ownership — “eliminate redundancies.” And more than ever, cuts in newsrooms may depend on digital metrics — clicks, to be blunt. First Name required. that “the ability to measure production at the reporter level allows us to get stronger and healthier and do more quality local journalism with the same amount of resources, potentially.” Translation: Don’t expect Gannett to be rushing to add resources to their newsrooms; We’ve seen evidence of that digital strategy — and quest for clicks — for the past few years, with. A Community Thrives will grant $2.3 million to nonprofits addressing social issue, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. Of those 12, two Nashville organizations received major grants. The companies said the new entity will operate under the Gannett name and be based in Gannett’s hometown of McLean, Virginia. Contact us. Gannett owns these “legacy” Tennessee newspapers: GateHouse owns several Tennessee newspapers, too, as part of its operations in 612 markets in 39 states. Gannett, the newspaper chain known for buying local newspapers and cutting back on operations, including news, is now on the receiving end of an acquisition — by the owners of GateHouse Media. […] As reported in August, Gannett, known for buying local newspapers and then cutting back on operations, announced a “merger” with GateHouse Media, which will acquire 50.5 percent of Gannett. Gannett shareholders will receive $6.25 in cash and 0.5427 of a New Media share for each Gannett share they hold, or total consideration of $12.06 per Gannett common share based on New Media’s closing stock price as of Aug. 2, 2019, and a premium of about 18 percent to the five-day volume-weighted average price of Gannett shares as of that date. Money from the ad sale is being refunded to the group, the newspaper said on Monday. It has hurt members of our community and our own employees and that saddens me beyond belief. The Tennessean apologized for the ad on Sunday in a statement that said its advertising standards forbid hate speech, and that ads that do not meet its requirements are “routinely rejected for publication.”. You can help by giving to them at How can we help? The Gannett layoffs are separate from a scheduled set of 60 layoffs in March, ... Nashville wasn’t the only newsroom in the state to experience cuts. “The breadth and depth of each company’s digital offerings will make the combined company a leading digital media player,” GateHouse said. Caregiver Relief Program of Bedford County, Project: Enrollment in the Caregiver Relief Program of Bedford County, Project: Launching a Collective Impact Incubator, Project: Dismas House Men's Reentry Program - Basic Needs Support, Friends of the Hendersonville Arts Council, Project: Exhibition Connect: Community Outreach support, Website: Gannett bought up many of the small papers around Nashville and minimized or eliminated them, rolling them into the Tennessean’s “brand” like something out of Star Trek. “We appreciate that the Islamophobic ad was pulled and that an investigation as to how it was published has been launched, but we would urge the Tennessean to also implement updated policies and staff training to ensure that this type of hate incident does not occur in the future,” spokesperson Ibrahim Hooper said in a statement. Alzheimer's Association-Tennessee Chapter, Project: Building strong communities by empowering families through education. President of Marketing Solutions and Chief Revenue Officer for Gannett, parent company of The Tennessean, forcefully repudiated the advertisement in a tweet on Sunday. The newspaper’s sales team yanked the ad from subsequent editions immediately, but the damage had been done – from potential harm to people who could be targeted, to canceled subscriptions. Michael Anastasi is in charge of the Gannett papers in Tennessee and Florida, and one of the people responsible for making those plans.

As a modern media company, we foster deep and vital connections among our communities and the world around them. Support them through A Community Thrives by giving here. That list, by state, is available here. The newspaper reported Monday that Gannett would donate “the $14,000 value of the ad sale” to the American Muslim Advisory Council, an advocacy group based in Nashville… Gannett, the parent company of The Tennessean and seven other daily newspapers in Tennessee, is set to award $2.3 million in grants to organizations that address social issues such as … Reed told The New York Times that “the ability to measure production at the reporter level allows us to get stronger and healthier and do more quality local journalism with the same amount of resources, potentially.” Translation: Don’t expect Gannett to be rushing to add resources to their newsrooms; The Tennessean is as big as it will ever be. In an email to. The Tennessean sold its signature office building at 1100 Broadway, where it had been housed for 81 years, the Nashville Post said last summer.

Gannett has a history of fourth-quarter layoffs, including here in Nashville. The newspaper issued a mea culpa and vowed to get to the bottom of it.

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