unprecedented: the 2000 presidential election summary

Of course, Al Gore got hosed in Florida.   Richard Ray Perez Stand Alone by Jack Sommersby It puts the events in perspective so that you will see all of what actually occurred; all the "out of public view" maneuvering that did not get covered by the press. Written by Worth A Look: 87.5%   Katherine Harris This investigative journalism is truly amazing. This story is corroborated by investigations, informative, amazing, depressing, enraging, An important film illustrating the absence of true democracy in the United States, Perhaps a bit too biased, but it asks the right questions with startling answers, The Best Documentaries on US Voting Fraud & Rigged Elections. Filmmakers Richard Ray Perez and Joan Sekler examine modern America' s most controversial political contest: the 2000 election of George W. Bush. The real question is not who was actually elected president, but whether true Americans can learn from this travesty and take back America from the hands of these two despicable, corrupt, and immoral political parties. What nobody seemed to pay much attention to was that the game had been rigged from the outset, … subscribe to this feed, Films I Neglected To Review: 100% Giuliani-Free!!! FAQ 833 Lincoln Boulevard, #4 Santa Monica, CA 90403. The Virtual Fantastic Fest Celebration of 2020, Films I Neglected To Review: Independents Day, Films I Neglected To Review: Hope-Less Romantics, Reflections from the Toronto Film Festival (Virtual Edition 2020), Fantasia Film Festival (Reviews from the 2020 Edition), https://www.efilmcritic.com/review.php?movie=9648&reviewer=1, OFFICIAL SELECTION: 2004 Starz Denver Film Festival. I think that people on both sides of the fence, and those sitting on it, should watch films like these and Danny Glover alienates many potential watchers of this film. Sure the film SEEMS biased. Although certain statements in the film can be challenged, there's more than enough here to show the electorate got hosed in the 2000 presidential election. RATING: 8/10. The 2000 election was stolen outright, but this alarming fact slipped under the noses of millions of Americans who aren't aware of how George W. Bush came to be president in 2000. All of them stealing the birth right of Americans to suite their own nefarious need for power and the subjugation of the democratic process within our republic.   Joan Sekler Lastly, completely automated (computer) voting machines are not to be trusted, as they come down to the persons who program and/or work on them. By the way, I think having Danny Glover at the bookends of this film discredits it for anyone who has followed his political activism/extremism. I just want to say a couple of things and then I will shut up. The 2000 presidential election pitted Republican George W. Bush against Democrat Al Gore. Bush voters said Gore was a sore loser, Gore voters said their votes hadn't been counted, and the media basically obsessed over a Ryder truck and a vote counter with three-inch think Coke bottle glasses. Furthermore, it is my belief, especially after watching this film, you would have to literally be crazy to vote either Democratic or Republican, because this film made it clear that either party was only concerned about doing what they needed to win the 2000 election, or any election for that matter--NOT WHAT IS BEST FOR THE PEOPLE OR THE COUNTRY. User Ratings That democracy in this Country could be so seemingly easily derailed was a real eye-opener. See this movie and then try to argue that Bush actually won the election. For more in the. The film is Left-biased, with a majority of the commentators and interviewees being from Florida civil rights advocacy organisations. • Grand Jury Award Documentary and Directors Award Documentary at the New York International Independent Film Festival. It's another Robert Greenwald production, who has been well-known at putting together left leaning documentaries (on subjects such … To simply dismiss this documentary as liberal nonsense is ridiculous. I know that absentee ballots tend to lean towards the Republicans side but come on now. For anyone who dismisses it as Democrat propaganda, they should read 'democrat' - it doesn't make anyone look good. Reflections from the Toronto Film Festival (Virtual Edition 2020) Prisoners of the Lost Universe by Jack Sommersby This film should be part of the required curriculum for all high school civics and college level social science courses. Sure, it leans to the Left, but everything in the film is true. It also shows how the Democrats damaged their campaign by going for selective recounts rather than a properly democratic complete hand recount. It should air continuously on non-cable television. Forget those absentee ballots over there. If this doesn't wake you up, nothing will. The number of electoral votes needed to win the election is 270. It is time for people to become aware of the threats to democracy that exist and ensure that they do not persist, for if they do they will utterly destroy the American democracy. because it has become obvious they are the only ones that could be trusted to be impartial if anyone at all. it illustrates the ruthlessness of the Republican disregard for democracy and state law as well as the complete lack of impartiality on the part of those running the legislature. The filmmakers do an excellent job in presenting the facts without distorting the truth. It happens in this case that the total lack of integrity falls on the republicans. But this is largely due to the fact that the people behind the election fraud refused to step up to the camera in their own defense. • Audience Award for Best Documentary at the San Francisco Independent Film Festival. "Unprecedented" is an unsettling account of the 2000 Presidential Election, which should have been an alarm call to American citizens to do one of two major things: become active in moving forward voting reform, or become more apathetic about the entire voting process. Basing its arguments on hard facts rather than opinion (Fox News and the Daily Mail are you listening?)

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