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He had an excellent array of bows on show. They make the majority of their arrows themselves, with some great horn nocked arrow shafts, constructed in the same manner as you would to foot an arrow – seriously nice looking shafts! 01225 790452. This section is populated with an exciting range of Longbows for sale from UK makers. They also had a good selection of longbows on offer, along with their fantastic range of crossbows. Steve Stratton – A leading light of the warbow scene, and an experienced bowyer. This page will help you decide which longbow to buy. truths`, leather Green Man Longbows – Very interesting, mainly self pacific yew and the much discussed silver nocks. Chris Mussolini – Warbow maker. We’ve also seen some really very nicely built and finished flight bows by him, which have turned us green with envy. Every custom bow will match your draw length and your draw weight with your height. Chris’ bows are simple, effective and honest – he doesn’t mess around with fancy nocks, braided grips or inlays unless you request them, and he specialises in making simple and inexpensive longbows and warbows. From self-ash longbows with or without horn nocks, through to double and triple laminate bows from a variety of woods including Ipe (greenheart), Ash and Bamboo. Many bows made today follow these traditions but equally many modern longbows may also be made of several lamination’s of wood found from different regions of the world chosen for their individual quality’s, bamboo which is a grass makes excellent backing for its extreme toughness and speed of return once bent, and modern synthetic materials that did not exist until relatively recently all combine into modern Longbows that still continue to make a mark in the world. ), we found the ever jovial guys from Fairbow, with a fantastic selection of longbows, horsebows and historical curios like their cable-backed bows. We’ve seen a few bows dramatically deconstruct themselves and it’s neither pretty nor safe. We have a generous collection of traditional longbows for sale you can view below. One of the reasons the English longbow is so awesome is because it is so simple: it is just a stick and a string. There’s lots more very good bowyers, though many of them don’t have websites like Neil Harrington and Chris Boyton, but with a little searching you can usually find out how to contact them (if you need a website guys – just get in touch, we’d be happy to oblige!). With adequate practice and a good technique they are very accurate. A. Longbow makers with over 30 years of experience making fine traditional English longbows and arrows,videos on how to make an english longbow, suppliers of all traditional archery accessories/equipment associated with the Longbow, longbow shop . All in all a great (if expensive!) We’ll be updating this list whenever we can, so if you have any suggestions for it – contact us: We’ve been there and done that – we’ve bought good longbows and bad off Ebay, so we think we have a bit of experience and we’re more than happy to share it with you! The best of these had to be those from Hector Cole, who really is the specialist when it comes to archery blacksmithing, with a great range from plate piercing bodkins through to type 16’s, swallowtails and maille piercing points. Try to find out why they’re selling on Ebay, rather than direct to customers. `how to` videos. How far do these longbows shoot an arrow. If you’re determined that you’ve found a real bargain used bow then be very careful to check all the photos for any problems – the classic one is that the bow has started to “follow the string”, which means that once unstrung and no longer under tension, the bow stays bent. Chinese repeating crossbow! I welcome contact with any Bowyers who want to promote their skills and the products of such labour. Sometimes customers aren’t as good as they should be and once a bowyer has made a bow for a customer order, it hasn’t been paid for, or the customer has decided (for whatever reason) that they’re  not happy with it – these bows can often be a bargain, but be prepared to ask questions – any self-respecting professional bowyer will be more than happy to talk about their trade and give their reasons. He also had a great selection of knives and blades on sale for those moments when you need to get a point of of the woodwork! Buying a bow with the wrong draw length is the simplest way of turning your prized buy into firewood. Because of this – most longbow shooters will never let anyone else shoot their bow. "Longbow ". selection of materials to the all important tillering to first 01225 790452). He’s also honest enough to tell you if something isn’t right – we requested a couple of Holmegaard bows from him which he made, but felt weren’t up to standard, so he refused to sell them to us! Copyright 2013 - 2017 Shire Archery Next up was a quick trip to Richard Head, who was happy as ever for us to rifle through his fine selection of arrow shafts (nicking the ones with the straightest grain is one of the benefits of being there in person rather than ordering online!). The Craft Guild of Traditional Bowyers and Fletchers, Medieval Archery Events – The Archer's Paradox. TEL : For more information on buying new bows on Ebay, Pete Davidson bowyer of Traditional English Longbows has written an excellent article here: Buying an English Longbow on Ebay. A right handed bow is one which is held in the left hand – right handed people will draw the string with their right hand – getting this mixed up is a classic mistake!). Pip Bickerstaffe – Possibly the highest regarded and most prolific UK longbowyer. Prices from £220-£lots. So it was with great excitement we visited the International Living History Fair near Warwick, with it’s wide array of historic suppliers. He recently got in touch to ask if we could let people know about his new website, so here it is – http://sites.google.com/site/delsbows/.

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