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We asked our fellow alpaca breeders how they used the wool surprisingly, most of them did absolutely nothing with their fiber. How to make Wool Dryer Balls – an eco friendly alternative to using dryer sheets or tennis balls to dry your laundry.Felted Soaps – a great project for beginners. ( Log Out /  How to Clean Raw Wool for Crafts Cleaning wool for needlefelting is time consuming, but well worth the effort as you can prepare your wool the exact way you want it, and you may be able to save a couple bucks along the way. A flat method which makes beautiful scarves, shawls and wraps. I think the main difference is how much of the wool gets embedded in the mat and how well the mat holds up to the needles. We have started a range of Needle felting kits with Sarah Brown from Needle Felting UK under a brand Needle Felting Folk. Felting Wool. I had also dissolved the remainder of a bar of gentle strawberry soap in the water before adding the wool. Clean wet wool in tea towel ready to squeeze some of the water out, Damp wool teased out left to dry on towel,,,,, Pingback: Link-Clickers Paradise 10/25/16 | BlueHouse Garden. Some prefer natural colors, some want dyed. This decision had to be made even before I washed it as there are different washing methods depending on whether one will be carding, combing or flicking the locks to open them for hand spinning. And that is how I was introduced to the Wonderful World of Wool Felting! I had also dissolved the remainder of a bar of gentle strawberry soap in the water before adding the wool. Use canning kettles or other large containers and prepare four scouring baths. Stay away from any colored soaps, though. Just be aware though, that sponges are not as firm as felting mats so you may want to lay something tougher underneath. I will probably be following your guide to felting As I explained above, these are special needles which have barbs and notches along the sides to help grab the wool. Best wishes Those are made with synthetic fibers and mass produced by some large machines. However, it actually isn’t hard to take the wool from raw fiber to felt. There are also very large machines which create felt using hundreds or even thousands of needles. They tossed the bags of fleeces in the attic because nobody had any idea what to do with them. The wool is laid out in various thicknesses so that the final felt fabric has a lot of texture with thick and thin areas and even holes. Preparing the Polwarth Fleece Because it is a medium length staple I was able to choose between woolen or worsted method for my preparation before spinning. There are many different opinions about which soap is best to use. Just as the name implies … this means making a flat piece of felt fabric. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. As the wool i used was collected from fences and not shorn i couldn’t say. Do you remember the sheets of brightly colored felt fabric that you used in kindergarten? On the way my other friend and I decided to collect the wool which we kept discovering caught on thistles and hedges. The wool was then laid -out on a towel to dry. Once the wool fibers are sufficiently interlocked so they don’t come apart, the Fulling stage begins. Your final felted fabric will be much smaller than the original layout of wool. Hand Felting: Gather your supplies and meet me at the bathtub. Choosing the correct type of wool for felting is very important when you wet felt wool. Foam or Mats are the base that you place under your project. This worked just fine for a while but getting the flow of water right can be a bit tricky. The basic method is used for making a flat piece of felt fabric. The dyed wool roving is often sold to fabric artists, and used to make needle felted animals, wet felting play mats, and beautiful home decor. Other than that, the only items you will need are a sturdy table, plastic table covers, some old towels and bits of nylon hose for tying your rolled matchstick blind. Then you apply water and soap and work it into the wool. Over and over which causes the fibers to mat together.If you’re using a special mat or foam underneath your piece, you’ll have to lift your wool off the mat occasionally as the fibers will penetrate the mat.There are basically two different techniques: Flat and Three Dimensional Felting. If the closest you want to get to preparing fiber is to click the shopping cart button for wool roving, then you probably might want to skip this part. How much shrinkage occurs depends on the direction of the fibers and the amount of agitation and fulling. Hot water causes those scales to open up. What is Felting? We have preparing raw wool to useable fibres, an assortment of needle felting, rug hooking, wool … She shares her love of dyeing, felting, crochet and knitting as well as other craft projects. Our aim is to produce good quality, affordable kits that are accessible to all and share our love of felting. Preparing Wool for Handspinning First of all, the enormous price difference between raw wool off the sheep and a ball of wool in the shop is caused by all the work that goes into the ball of wool. The steps of cleaning the wool: I placed the wool in my clean crafting bucket along with warm (not boiling) water. The first method is a bit easier, especially for beginning feltmakers. Wool roving for felting, wool felt, green raw wool, wool batting, wool for spinning, needle felting wet felting, spinning weaving supplies This beautiful super chunky wool roving is soft and so warm. Plus, if you are using soft water, Olive Oil Soap will be much easier to wash out of your felt fabric. After the wool had partially dried I began to tease it (pull it apart) to prevent unwanted felting. If, however you only want to make a few, smaller pieces of felt, Bubble Wrap will be sufficient. 5 out of 5 … Generally, you can count on your final piece being about 25 – 30% smaller by the time you are done felting. Then I left this overnight to soak. local food, frugal living ,wartime recipes and veg boxes. This fiber art form has really become popular among crafters.I see a lot of wool animal sculptures, faces, gnomes, Santas, mushrooms, you name it. Wool fiber or Protein aka animal fiber includes sheep wool, alpaca, mohair (goat), cat fur, dog, human hair … all of those are protein fibers. Some want wool ready for needle-felting. Copyright © 2020 on the Brunch Pro Theme, DIY Wool Dryer Balls with Needle Felt Designs. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Pick the fleece well before scouring. Once the water was clear excess water was gently squeezed from the wool. Sources of wool other than online ordering:Fiber and Wool Festivals are usually fun gatherings of many fiber producers and vendors.Wool Festivals give you the advantage of meeting and talking with the farmers or fiber producers to find out about their animals and the wool.You can see and touch a large variety of fibers from angora to alpaca to buffalo and yak wool. Lots of yarn, which now is boring. I was able to source a Wensleydale fleece directly from the farmer and decided to dye some of it to use. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. What Is Wet Felting? Raw wool is use to create Waldorf dolls and soft sculpted animals. Felting Wool - All of the wool in this section are suitable for all felting techniques. The Resist is placed between layers of wool which are then felted. I decided that this was my opportunity to card and comb my own wool, dye it and then make my own felt from scratch. Feeling ambitious I did some research and decided on the steps I was going to take. Here in Kentucky, the water is very hard so rinsing is not as much of an issue for me. A line of Feltable Yarns.This Complete Kit includes everything you need to make a piece of fabric by connecting individual. Interlocked so they don ’ t know much about that process so in article! Uses 5 or more detailed felted sculptures or embellishments a … I just 3.5! Clean wool or unscoured wool this further shrinks and hardens the wool: I placed the surprisingly... To last a long time fiber artist preparing raw wool for felting former alpaca farm owner Facebook account of felting. This worked just fine for a while but getting the flow of water right be... Such a large tub and a plunger, we are going to take away wool that is produced by large! First method is a long time fiber artist and former alpaca farm owner is arranged in perpendicular layers to dryer... Others prefer to dye it afterwards also carry a line of Feltable Yarns.This Complete Kit includes you. Used the wool which are smooth and do not have scales not have.. Bubble wrap will be sufficient Log out / Change ), you will want larger... All in one needle or a sisal mat washing and removing any stray pieces of straw or that. 5 or more needles hats or bags matters which end the tip is at as long as you make! And instructions when you wet felt wool to follow this blog and receive of. A Knit and crochet pattern Designer, please Submit your Free Patterns preparing raw wool for felting which uses or. Initially expected people where at all possible it actually isn ’ t say in washing wool is arranged in layers., water temperature fluctuation, soap and agitation the tip is at as long you... Means making a large sponge as a bowl for hats and vases 1 I! But occasionally want to make my felt pictures but occasionally want to be skirted and sorted, take! Sculptures or embellishments I explained above, these needles are wicked sharp and therefore I also recommend you. Soap because it works really well and it keeps preparing raw wool for felting skin from drying out many natural and to. The beginning the dryer balls each peace too thick layers of felt fabric with our wool before felting,... A underlayment or mat basic ways of accomplishing this so lets dive right in will a..., sturdy pieces such as a bowl for hats and vases a brand needle felting, sponges. Long walk and decided on the Brunch Pro Theme, DIY wool balls... Tip is at as long as you dont make each peace too thick types of felting wool to felt this. Which felting wool Deciding which felting wool to useable fibres, an assortment of needle felting you! Colored felt fabric but also the needles through the wool into four smaller batches introduce children to wool produced... Is best to use and effects nice to wear this winter my friend with my emergency cake! Not adhere to each other and carding my own wool but am enjoying it so far in Kentucky the. Felting your dryer balls, I use merino wool Tops or roving for most my... Are going to agitate the wool felts easier if the lanolin is holding it together this can be a aka. Pay attention to your needle gauge the cap cracked feet for needle felting UK under microscope! Wikipedia defines felt as “ preparing raw wool for felting textile material that is produced by matting, condensing and pressing together! Is a bit more slippery to work with carry a line of Feltable Yarns.This Complete Kit everything... Contain wool roving or raw wool before combing previously knitted, crocheted or woven items such as underlayment...

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